Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Goosebumps Movie Fan Sweepstakes! US 8/31

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Disclosure: I have not been compensated for this post nor am I responsible for the fulfillment of any of the prizes. 

Goosebumps Movie Fan Sweepstakes! 
I grew up reading Goosebumps books and still have my collection, I love watching the short shows with my children. Now even more are coming alive! Check out the Goosebumps prizes for the month of August. 7 lucky winners will be chosen on August 31st for the following prizes: 

One person will win the First Place Prize which is a manuscript prop used in the movie...
you know, one of the manuscripts that unleashed the monster!
One person will win the Second Place Prize which is a video call with Jack Black.
Five people will win the Third Place Sweepstakes Prizes which is a copy of the Goosebumps book Son of Slappy signed by author R.L. Stine.

Check out the Official Goosebumps Trailer!

All awesome prizes if you ask me! I'd love to win any of them, which would you like to win?

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