Thursday, August 13, 2015

Francisco the Jaguar Turns 1 Years Old Tomorrow at the Milwaukee County Zoo!

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Happy 1st Birthday to Francisco the Jaguar at Milwaukee County Zoo!


The Milwaukee County Zoo is our local zoo and they posted today that Francisco (pictured above) is turning a year old tomorrow. He is a Jaguar that is at our zoo. 

They use Green Toys brand for their big cats! How cool is that?! There are several Green Toys listed on their Amazon Wishlist for Fankie and other big cats at the zoo. Lets celebrate Frankie's 1st Birthday with some Green Toys gifts! (I have no idea why Glow perfume is on the wishlist... hopefully it was just an accident, I did not create this wishlist, this is the zoo's wishlist ... haha)

If you'd like to purchase a gift for Frankie, you can do so by purchasing an item via their Amazon Wishlist. This will directly ship them to the zoo. If you purchase an item from their wishlist please let them know you found Frankie and the wishlist via Mami's 3 Little Monkeys blog. 

Have a wonderful and fun first birthday Frankie! 


  1. how cute is he,i wish we had a zoo near us

  2. How fun, jaguars are some of my favorite animals!