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Sassy Pants Handmade Diapers Review & Discount Code!

Sassy Pants Diapers
Disclosure: I received the following items in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and experiences are my own and may differ from those of your own. 

Sassy Pants Handmade
Sassy Pants Handmade was created by a wonderful SAHM named Stephanie. As a young girl her mom taught her how to sew. She's been a mom for three years now and two littles that she has diapered. She was looking to save money and reduce her carbon foot print as she began her journey of motherhood. She started to make her own cloth diapers in 2012, at first she sewed with polyester/synthetic fabrics as well as the much dreaded microfiber and waterproof fabrics. She learned, as many of us other cloth diapering mommas have, what the fibers in these materials were and how they are manufactured as well as the effects they have on the environment and their inability to break down in landfills. Making them not much different then just using disposables. She decided to no longer sew with these fabrics and started to sew with wool and organic fabrics, which she has been doing since 2013. 

Sassy Pants Hybrid Fitted & Regular Fitted

We received two cloth diapers from Sassy Pants Handmade, the Fox print is a regular fitted ($26ARV)  and the Mustaches is a hybrid fitted ($34ARV). Both fitteds come with a double length soaker as well as a regular length soaker. The soakers are made of heavy organic bamboo fleece and hemp fleece, they are dreamy soft and perfect for touching baby's sensitive skin. This is a perfect combination for soakers as the bamboo quickly absorbs while the hemp slowly absorbs and holds a lot of liquid. The hybrid fitted shell is made of the outer layer which has the print or embroider design, a hidden layer of polyester fleece and then an inside soft layer of organic bamboo fleece. The regular fitted is made of the same outer layer with the print or embroider design and two layers of organic bamboo fleece. 


The soakers do not snap in, making it perfect for customizing how they are laid in the diaper. If you have a girl, you'll want most of your absorbency in the middle, so you could fold the regular soaker in half and lay it in the middle. If you have a boy you'll want the majority of your absorbency in the front of the diaper, you could fold the regular soaker and place it more towards the front. Personally, I just lay them both flat to cover the length of the diaper shell and they have worked perfectly fine for us. 

Above on the right I have the fold down rise (FDR) folded down and I have the wing snapped to the extra snap for a smaller fit. And on the right the FDR is open so the diaper is at it's normal unstretched length and the wing is snapped to the regular snaps. 

Sassy Pants diapers are one size, they fit from approximately 10 to 35 pounds. They have a fold down rise to give a good fit for all size babies and toddlers. The wings are also "equipped"  with an additional snap to help obtain a better fit with smaller babies. 

I didn't have a single problem with getting the perfect fit with this diaper! The back elastic is just tight enough to give a snug fit in the back to help keep in any messy messes, while not being too tight - no red marks. The leg elastics are perfect as well, tight enough to keep the soakers in the diaper and they wont allow those messy messes to escape from the legs either. As you can see in both photos, the rise of the diaper is generous, which I think is awesome! Ezio is 3 years old and not quite into the whole potty training thing, boys are definitely more difficult then girls! Anyhow, he is about 32lbs and about 3'4" tall. I could definitely use the FDR on these diapers and still have a secure and full coverage fit. He's only three pounds away from the approximate weight range, but has plenty of room to grow in Sassy Pant Diapers! Huge plus for me! I also really love that the diapers are not bulky at all, even with both the double length and regular length soakers in the diaper. 

The absorbency on both diapers are the same, but as stated one is a hybrid fitted with a hidden layer of polyester fleece for a water resistant layer. Not a waterproof layer. What the poly fleece does is, it creates a barrier that stops the liquid from soaking out toward the print/outer most fabric to help maintain a dry outer layer, the liquid is then absorbed by the soaker or the inner lining. With the regular fitted you do not have this water resistant layer, however in a sense you have an added absorbency layer as the hidden layer on those fitteds is heavy organic bamboo fleece which is very absorbent. Ezio has worn these diapers a few times now and I feel it safe to say that they are both very absorbent and while it is hotter now that we're in June and we finally have hot summer weather, he is drinking more and both diapers have allowed for up to 4 hours of drinking and wetting! I will try them both at bedtime and see how they hold, I bet they will do fairly well as he wont be drinking water every ten minutes through out the night. I'll update with how our over nights go with our Sassy Pants Diapers. 

I am a try lover of fitted diapers, especially WAHM made fitteds. These fitteds did not disappoint, that is a tried and true fact! 

Discount Code!
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  1. The mustaches and foxes are super cute. These diapers sound like they would be great for my son!

  2. I never actually win any of these things but that fox diaper is pretty cute. The mustache one is cool, but that fox one!! :)

  3. These diapers look great! I love that the soakers are a fleece combination! Adorable prints too :)

  4. I like the fold down rise. It looks like it'd be a great fit on my tiny 3.5mo old! I love the bamboo & hemp too - those are my favorite type of inserts.

  5. I just had the worst blow out. My son was crawling on the bed and next thing i know there's poop everywhere. I'm definetly going to have to get some more cloth diapers. I would love to see this fit on my baby.

  6. I love that Sassy Pants uses bamboo and hemp fleece; We're trying to build our stash with just natural fabrics. I can imagine the fleece feel super soft on baby's sensitive areas. And I agree with the other comments, the fox print is adorable!

  7. i like the material used and ofcourse the designs are very sure i would be a great addition to my cloth diaper list.

  8. I'm not a fan of how the tabs look like they roll over. Was in comfortable for your little?

  9. I haven't tried fitted mostly because they seem somewhat pricey for something you need to put a cover over. I figured they would be rather bulky. Im surprised at how trim these look! I may have to try some out!

  10. I've never tried any other brand of diaper other than FuzziBunz - I'd love to win these diapers, they look like such good quality! The prints are really cute too ;-)

  11. Those patterns are fabulous! I would love to see the foxes on my baby girl!

  12. These Sassy Pants Handmade Diapers are of utmost quality, and the patterns make for some fun, so the little ones even start early to gain some humor. I give this a complete thumbs up!

  13. These are so adorable! I must convince my husband to let me order one.