Thursday, June 18, 2015

Junior Explorers: Deep Dive into Mission Serengeti!

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Junior Explorers
Deep Dive into Mission Serengeti

On Junior Explorers' Mission Serengeti, your kids will travel on a virtual adventure to the Serengeti to help a Field Biologist with an urgent mission!

Junior Explorers receive a kit in the mail to get them ready for their mission to the Serengeti! A mission letter in the kit alerts Junior Explorers to a mystery in the Serengeti plains on the African continent. Every year, millions of animals migrate through the plains. This year, however, the animals are missing, and the consequences are huge! A pack of lions that relies on the migration for food is growing hungry. Using the materials in the kit, Junior Explorers will learn about the Serengeti so they can go online and help solve this mystery!

Every Mission Serengeti kit includes:
- Mission Letter
- Mission Checklist
- Serengeti Fact Sheet
- Activity Book
- Official Mission Serengeti Pin
- Four Postcards
- Mission Wristband
- Lion and Giraffe Toys
- Six Animal Flashcards
- 14 Stickers
- 9 Temporary Tattoos
- 1 Secret Code to Unlock the Online Mission

Online, Junior Explorers learn all about the Serengeti and the wild animals that live there. Did you know that giraffes can look into a second story window without even stretching their long necks? Kids will learn facts like this, and more, on Mission Serengeti!

Junior Explorers also play games on Mission Serengeti, like "Cape Hare Catch" and "Block Unblock" to have fun while learning about this amazing ecosystem!

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