Friday, June 5, 2015

Guest Post: Father's Day Gift Ideas for Every Dad!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Dad
Disclosure: This is a guest post meaning I am not the author nor do I claim to be. I have not been compensated for this post.
Author: Whitney Hollingshead

Father’s Day will be here on June 21st. Are you ready? 
Whether you are shopping for your own father, the father of your children, your father-in-law, your grandfather, or another father figure, take a moment to consider what your dad loves. The guide below will help you figure out the perfect gift for any dad in your life based upon his interests.

Dad loves working out.

Does dad need new workout gear? Consider breathable tees or performance socks. For something fun, consider a work out alarm clock. One such dumbbell shaped alarm clock will require dad to do 30 bicep reps to shut off the alarm each morning.

Dad loves sports.

You can always search for fan gear that proudly displays dad’s favorite team. Think beyond hats, tees, mugs, and camping chairs. This year surprise dad with a flash drive, phone case, or matching bowls for game day chips and dip.

Instead of giving dad a sporty gift item, consider getting together with others to plan a 3 on 3 tournament for all of the dads in your neighborhood. You can even work together to keep the event a surprise until it’s time for the games to start.  

Dad loves tech.

New tech gadgets are often quite spendy; however, some super useful tools are more budget friendly. Consider getting dad a blue-tooth multi-device keyboard. This keyboard connects up to three devices at once. In other words, dad can work on his computer, twist the dial and type a text going out on his phone, twist the dial again, and type some notes on his tablet.

Dad loves board games.
Dad may love a newer board game like King of New York, Camel Up, Splendor, or Castles of Mad King Ludwig (all listed as some of the best new games of 2014). Or check dad’s collection to see if he’s missing some classic board games like Clue, Scrabble, Risk, Jenga, Rummikub, or Sequence.

For a fun twist, talk to some of dad’s siblings or even his parents to find out his favorite childhood games. For example, if he loved Battleship as a boy and doesn't currently have a copy of the game, get him the game as a sentimental gift.

Dad loves meat.

Order dad some gourmet flavored jerky. Sriracha is a very trendy flavor right now, but you may be shocked at the variety of jerky flavors now available. Black cherry? You bet. Pineapple orange? For sure. Just type gourmet flavored jerky into your search bar and surprise dad with some new flavors. In addition to fun flavors, you can also get dad jerky made out of less common meats like wild salmon and bison.

Dad loves dessert.

Make multiple batches of dad’s favorite cookies and/or brownies. Prepare a plate to present to him on Father’s Day and then show him a freezer stocked with his favorite baked treats. You can also help children make fun candy bar posters with special messages for dad.

Dad loves clothes.

Take a quick inventory of dad’s closet and figure out what he needs for the summer. Check for shorts, tees, and swim trunks or board shorts. If dad dresses up frequently, get him a short sleeved dress shirt or tie in a bright summer hue. You can also take inventory of dad’s shoes and accessories. Does dad need a pair of nice flip flops or some new canvas sneakers?

Dad loves his beard.

In order to keep dad’s beard in the best shape, consider investing in tools and products that will pamper dad and his beard. Check out beard brushes, trimmers, and even beard balm. If dad is a fan of all things green, consider this organic beard oil offered in unscented or scented for a smell that “is like having a forest growing out of your face”.

Dad loves adventure.
Purchase some trail maps for dad to use in planning his next hiking, backpacking or camping trip. Maybe dad could use a portable mini camp stove, dutch oven accessories, or some night goggles. Or if your dad loves road trips, consider a car charger that will allow him to charge multiple devices at once or get him a car fridge (some models are quite inexpensive!).

As long as you focus on what your dad loves, you are sure to find the perfect surprise gift for this Father’s Day.


  1. My dad isn't hard to please. He's the happiest when we come over to his house and grill for him on Father's Day.

    1. That's awesome! My dad is a pretty simple sports and grilling guy, just a day with his girls would make his Father's Day. However, this hubby of mine is super difficult!