Saturday, June 6, 2015

AllerMates Review

Disclosure: I received the below products in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and experiences are my own. 

AllerMates was created by Iris, a mom of three children. Her son Ben was diagnosed with severe food allergies and asthma and she wanted to find a way to help teach him about his health concerns in a way that was fun and wouldn't intimidate him. One day she drew up a few allergy-related characters and wrote funny stories and poems about them. Her children loved helping her come up with silly names for her characters. Soon her friends were asking to see the characters that her and her children created again and again, until they too knew all of their names and stories by heart. This showed her that kids are eager to understand health issues when there is a friendly engaging way to learn about them. 

It dawned on Iris while she was creating these fun things for kids to help educate and protect them that parents could benefit from having easy-to-understand info too. "Let’s face it… most of us do not have PhD’s to decode what our doctors tell us!) As Moms and Dads, we are our children’s first and best educators, and teaching them about their health is one of the most important things we do. It builds confidence and assists in keeping them safe as they navigate an unpredictable world."

Thus leading to today - the AllerMates community is made up of thousands of parents, children, caregivers and educators who rely on the simply, friendly and reliable resources to do just that. AllerMates popular medical alert bracelets are now available in over 5,000 stores and in several counties! 

A FEW of AllerMates Products!

We received a lunch bag full of awesome products from AllerMates. 

Our lunch bag included: 
AllerMates "I'm Wheat Gluten Free" Lunch Bag - $12.99ARV
AllerMates Wheat Gluten Free Snack Pack, Small - $6.99ARV
MultiCharm Package: Includes Multi Bracelet plus Six Allergy Charms - $16.99ARV
I Have Allergies Silicone Bracelet - $7.99ARV
AllerMates Peanut Allergy Bracelet "P. Nutty" - $6.99ARV
AllerMates Dairy Allergy Bracelet "Pint" - $6.99ARV
AllerMates Wheat/Gluten Free Bracelet "Professor Wheatley" - $6.99ARV
AllerMates Diabetes Bracelet "Tab" - $6.99ARV
AllerMates Asthma Bracelet "Puffer" - $6.99ARV
Wheat-Gluten Free Alert Stickers, 24 pack - $4.99ARV
AllerMates Wheat/Gluten Alert Labels for Food Packages, 24 pack - $4.99ARV
AllerMates Activity & Coloring Booklet - $3.99ARV

Lunch Bag & Snack Pack

AllerMates Lunch Bag and small Snack Pack are perfect for sending safe foods and snacks with your child whether they are in school, going to camp or even for a day trip with grandparents and other relatives. AllerMates has Lunch Bags for Wheat/Gluten allergies/intolerance, a basic "I have allergies" in Aqua and Purple and Blue for boys and girls to choose which color they prefer. The Snack Packs are available in multiple colors as well for basic "I have allergies" as well as a Gluten/Wheat allergy/intolerance and also for those who are Vegans. The Snack Packs are available in small ($6.99ARV) and tall ($7.99ARV). 

Ezio doesn't go places often without me so we currently use his lunch bag to hold his Epi Pen and oral antihistamine. AllerMates also has Medication Bags specifically for this, but this works for now until we get one. 

The Lunch Bag is an insulated lunch tote that helps raise awareness of your child's wheat or other allergies. The Wheat/Gluten Lunch Bag features Professor Wheatley which is both practical and fun. There is a side pocket with an allergy info card that slides into the clear pocket to help alert others of your child's healthy concerns, you can also write other important information on the back of the card. There is a front zipper pocket and a mesh pocket on the back. 

The Snack Packs are a single zipper closure pouch. We use this for taking safe snacks to the park, parties and other outings. It's always good to have safe snacks on hand. 

Health and Food Package Alert Stickers/Labels

The Alert Stickers/Labels are great for labeling foods for younger children, as a reminder to your child and others which foods are safe or not safe. Say a babysitter is watching your child, you probably left a note of what your child can or can't have, but lets face it, teenagers probably are not going to sit in your pantry and read every label. These stickers will help make finding safe foods easier for everyone in your home, maybe even yourself if you're in a rush and need to grab a quick snack for your child. 

AllerMates Allergen Alert Labels for Food Packages 24 Pack

AllerMates also offers other labels and stickers for various allergies and intolerance. The one above is perfectly amazing! While it doesn't have all of my son's allergies on it, it would still help a ton! Often times, my 9 year old daughter and even 5 year old son love to help get their little brother a snack, but they don't always know what hidden ingredients are in these products, these stickers would help make that easier on them while keeping their little brother safe. 


AllerMates medical awareness bracelets are kid friendly and fun as well as designed to be noticed. These bracelets are perfect for reminding others of your child's allergies or other health concerns. The bracelets are adjustable with snaps and fit most children from age 3 and up. They are also BPA, phthalates, nickel and latex-free. 

AllerMates offers bracelets in a MultiPack as well as individual bracelets for specific alleriges or health concerns. The multipack is perfect to help keep children safe who have multiple allergies. The charms allow you to customize the bracelet with all or most of their allergies/concerns. The multi pack comes with a bracelet and six of the most common allergens: Peanut, Nut, Dairy, Egg, Wheat and Shellfish. The bracelet holds up to six charms. This bracelet is perfect for easily adding, rearranging or even removing charms if your child outgrows an allergy. 

He's pouting, but this is the best and least blurry picture I have of him wearing his customizable charm bracelet. 

The bracelets are my favorite products from AllerMates as Ezio not only has many food allergies, but he is also a runner and a very friendly little guy. Aside from the obvious fears of not knowing where your child may be when you are searching for them, there is also "Is someone feeding him something he shouldn't have?!". While I have taken all steps that I can to prevent him from getting out of the house and we always insist on holding his hand, it's still an extra ease of mind for him to be wearing his bracelet. Things happen and some kids do run, while others do not. Also sometimes while we're at the park some parents try to be friendly and share their child's snack with other children, I hope that this bracelet will be noticed by these parents and ward them off from giving him anything. Although I do appreciate the sharing, if you're a parent who does this please always check with the parent! 

AllerMates GoodieBox
The current goodie box is a graduation box or just for fun! 
Kick off the summer with fun and safe snacks and more! 
HURRY! You can order the June box now through June 15th.

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Does your child have any allergies or health concerns that AllerMates could help with keeping them safe? 
What AllerMate product do you like the most?


  1. i like these and i m alleergic to a lo of stuff

  2. What a fun way to learn about food allergies! The bracelets will be very useful. Other people will easily know what food to give and not to give to your child.

  3. I enjoyed reading about how Iris started this company and how beneficial it is to many kids who suffer from allergies. The bracelets are a brilliant idea and could be a real life saver.