Thursday, June 11, 2015

Chocolate A Day BLOWOUT SALE! $10 OFF PER BOX!!

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Chocolate a Day BLOWOUT SALE!

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Chocolate A Day is having a BLOWOUT SALE! Use code YUM610 at check out for $10 OFF your vitamins... I mean chocolate... well, delicious chocolate vitamins! Offer valid while supplies last. 

Get your husband or yourself to take his vitamins by giving him chocolate "candy"! It really does work! Dan refuses to take vitamins, they typically upset his stomach. However, he loves chocolate, I think more then most women! He ate every last one of his vitamins and WANTS MORE! Help keep your dad healthy and gift him a box of Chocolate A Day for Father's Day.

This awesome sale will make Chocolate A Day only $14.95!! 

Want to stock up? This code gives you $10 OFF PER BOX! So order two boxes and you'll save $20! 

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