Tuesday, June 9, 2015

PetGiftBox April Cat Box Review & Discount Code!

Disclosure: I received the below products in exchange for my honest review! All opinions and experiences are m own and may differ from those of your own. 

PetGiftBox.com Cat Subscription Box!
 PetGiftBox is a monthly subscription based program for your furry friends. With boxes for cats or dogs, both subscriptions help you spoil your pet with delicious treats and fun toys. There may even be something inside for their human friend. 

April PetGiftBox
The April PetGiftBox ($17.99ARV/month) was our first and Buddy (9 month old kitten) was the first to catch a wiff of the mysteries inside. As soon as it entered the house he attacked me in a friendly, "Mom can I have it please!" sort of manor. Now, we had just gotten home with lunch. The PetGiftBox was on the front porch waiting for us and without thinking, I brought it in the house. Needless to say, I wasn't able to finish my lunch, Buddy made sure of that! 

He sniffed the box, rubbed on the box and scratched at it.Oh and rolled around, see the short video below. 

The package is addressed and shipped to your furry friend(s) and the inside label is addressed to them as well! April 22nd was Earth Day, so for the April PetGiftBox they took an Earth friendly approach for the packaging and products. 

My furry babies received some awesome toys and tasty snacks!

I barely got the box open and Buddy snatched the Wooly Fun Feather Ball ($7.97ARV) right out of the box! It was still attached to the cardboard backing, but he didn't seem to mind. The Wooly Fun Feather Ball is handmade in Nepal by artisans. It is made chemical-free through the whole process and is filled with organic catnip. 

The other toy we received that they also love is Shelby the Hemp Mouse ($6.99ARV), the little orange toy by Buddy's tail in the above photo! The cat nip was definitely strong and apparently much more appealing to not only Buddy, but also Sunshine (1.5 year old) who was soon fighting with Buddy for the mouse toy. After the boys had their fun with the toy then Chippie Cookie (momma kitty), who was still pregnant at the time had her fun with it and was not going to give it back, she was even growling (yes, cats do growl). Shelby the Hemp Mouse is made of hemp fabric and is filled with organic catnip. All three of the cats play with this one as well. Every time I see either of these toys they are either being thrown in the air by one of the cats or in a different part of the house. They approve of both toys! 


Pet Greens Deep Sea Tune Semi Moist Cat Treats ($4.89ARV) are tasty bite sized treats that contain real fish as it's first ingredient and is free of artificial flavors, colors, wheat gluten and soy. All three cats love their new Green treats! Perfect little bite sized morsels! 

We also received Pet Greens Self Grow Garden ($4.49ARV), which is a pouch that grows organic greens in it's self! It is 100% certified organic wheat grass seed and soil mixture in a ready-to-grow bag. The seeds begin to grow within seven to ten days and is a delicious snack to satisfy your pets greens craving. Even reptiles can enjoy the Pet Greens Self Grow Garden! I can't seem to find my photos of this, but once I find the images, I will be sure to update this post. 

Cleaning Supply

Lastly our box also contained Absolutely Clean Pet Stain & Odor Remover & More! ($3.99ARV). this removes pet stains and odors safely and effectively without any chemicals or toxins. It is made in the USA and made with all natural, plant-based ingredients. Absolutely Clean is safe for use on Carpet & Upholstery for cleaning up pet and pet food stains as well as urine odors. It's rather simple to use and can be used several different ways, directions are on the back and give eight different ways to clean up different stains and odors. We all love our pets, but sometimes they can leave us with dirty or stinky messes that aren't easily cleaned up with your average household cleaners. 

Is PetGiftBox Saving you Money on these products?!
PetGiftBox has four options for subscribers to choose from!
$27.99 for a single month subscription
$22.99 for a 3 month subscription (Save over 20%)
$19.99 for a 6 month subscription (Save over 40%)
$17.99 for a 12 month subscription (Save over 56%)
PLUS! All subscriptions have FREE SHIPPING!

I have listed all each individual item we received along with it's retail value. 
So this box adds up to $28.33 plus $4.99 shipping brings you to a SAVINGS of $15.33 on these products! 

Earth Day Tips from PetGiftbox
On the informational card that they include in their boxes about the products in which you receive they listed some simple ways to celebrate Earth Day! Here are a few, Recycle your pet food cans and buy the largest size for the best value and less waste. Even if your pet wont/can't eat the whole can at once, you can almost always refrigerate the extra and feed it to them at a later time or date. A great one, especially in my neighborhood with all of the dog owners is to use biodegradable poop bags and for us cat owners, use non-clay cat liter. If you're really committed, they even recommend you compost your pets waste! What are some other ways you practice being green when it comes to your pets?

Discount Code! 
Enjoy 50% OFF your subscription to PetGiftBox.com when you use code M3LM50
Valid now through July 31st!

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What do you like most about PetGiftBox? 
Would you choose the dog or cat box?


  1. What a great cat box and would be a great present to get for any cat lover! I think I would have to get one for the car and one for the dog so there is no rivalry! :)

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