Monday, June 29, 2015

Chael Designs Custom Super Hero Shoes Review & Discount Code!

 Disclosure: I received the below shoes in exchange for my honest review, all opinions and experiences are my own and may differ from those of your own. 

Chael Designs - Absolutely Amazing Handcrafted Shoes!
I was super excited about receiving these shoes from Chael Designs and when I had them in hand they were even more amazing then what I was expecting. Cade received the Hulk shoes and Ezio received the SpiderMan shoes, their favorite characters. The boys had big smiles on their faces when they opened the box and discovered their new shoes.  

Spider Man!

 Spider Man is awesome! Ezio brings us his shoes all the time to put them on, even when he's not dressed. He's just happy to be wearing them, we don't even have to be going anywhere. He has store bought boring Spider Man shoes that light up and he's more into these! I'll get a photo of him wearing them and upload it, it's so hard to get him to hold still, I just have not been able to get a good photo. The shoes themselves fit wonderfully and the Spider Man images are securely attached to the shoes. 


Hulk is super awesome as well! Cade absolutely loves "Hulk Man" as he calls him. When he first seen them he did say he liked them, but I think he was pretty speechless. He wore them with his Hulk shirt he just got for his birthday and he was quite the happy little boy! His shoes fit him perfectly as well! 

Can you tell I had a little fun taking photos of these, I think I was just as excited as the boys! I wish they fit me! Both boys wore their amazing shoes on Saturday for the first time to their cousin's birthday party and they are the first thing EVERYONE noticed as we walked up. The boys got so many comments on their awesome shoes, they were both smiling from ear to ear. Since they are a bit more delicate than store bought shoes or painted shoes, this probably wasn't the best idea. With all of the running they had done there are a few small cracks near the front sides, but nothing major. I'm sure had we not gone to a party and they weren't running around outside for about 5 hours straight, the shoes probably would be showing little wear. Even yet, I'm sure we can repair them easily and they can continue to wear them. Even if the designs come off before they outgrow the shoes they can still wear them. They are little boys and things don't last forever with them. I really just want to repair them and put the shoes up, but then that would sort of defeats the purpose of them being tennis shoes. In the midst of the boys getting so many compliment the question came that I knew I'd be asked, "Where are Jada's new shoes?". Jada wears a size 8.5 in women's and is only 9 years old, I didn't want Yolanda, the sweet lady behind Chael Designs to be uber swamped as I needed, well wanted the shoes in time for Cade's Birthday Bash. Maybe in the future I can get Jada her own pair. 

Absolutely awesome custom shoes! I don't know what else to say about them or how else to get the point across about how awesome and amazing they are! We greatly thank Chael Designs for sharing her talent with us and working with us! 

Discount Code!
Use code M3LM10 at check out for $10 off your order from Chael Designs on Etsy!  


 What would you like to see on a pair of shoes? Who would you give a pair of Chael Designs Shoes to?


  1. These shoes are cute. the kids would love these

  2. These are adorbs, but the etsy link isn't working. :/

    1. I messaged the seller, even from Etsy her shop link isn't working. Maybe some little glitch. Thank you for letting me know.

  3. My little grandson would love a pair of these. He is a superhero freak. I can see the smile on his face wearing these shoes.

  4. These shoes are so Awesome! I love them and I know that my Grandson would go crazy over a pair :) I'm sure that The Hulk would be his favorite!

  5. These shoes are so cool. I love the hulk shoes. We will have to check these out.

  6. My 6 year old grandson would just love their shoes. What fun for kids. He would love the Spiderman shoes for sure! Great idea!

  7. what an awesome pair of shoes ! My grandson would just love them and i wish they would fit me as well .