Thursday, June 25, 2015

IncrediBundles Review

Disclosure: I received the below items in exchange for my honest opinions, all opinions and experiences are my own and may differ from those of your own.  This post may contain affiliate links meaning I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking a link. made a drastic change to traditional baby gift-baskets to help meet the needs of new parents as well as babies. They threw out the wicker baskets, cellophane wrapping and paper shreds as well as the generic baby care products. They have gone with adorable reusable storage containers that they designed and they fill them with award-winning toys, books and products for babies. There are experts who select these products as well as their approval by parents just like you and myself.

IncrediBundles offers gift baskets for almost anything you may look for in a classy gift-box. You can find bundles of books, bath items, sleep bundles, and you can even create your own bundle. You can shop IncrediBundles by age as well; 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months and 9-12 months. Or, a years' supply of books, diapers or toys! 

Book Bundle!

I chose to build my own book bundle, I was able to choose five wonderful children's books in addition to the reusable storage container. I was given a $50 GC to facilitate my review. After the fact, I realized I could have actually ordered six books. Since any order over $49 has free shipping. With ordering the five books I was under $49 thus tacking on a $5 shipping fee. Had I ordered six books, I would have received free shipping and the sixth book would have been the same price as shipping. This is purely my own fault though and just goes to show why I should not order things when super tired. Oh well, we have five wonderful books and a sturdy storage container. 

The books I chose: 
-I Love You Through and Through
-Kiss Good Night
-Goodnight Moon
-I am a Bunny
-Ten, Nine, Eight

I've read to all three of my children since birth and the only book from my order that we have read is Goodnight Moon, all the rest are brand new reads to us. I chose these books because I felt they would be great books to read at both bedtime and through out the day when either my 5 year old or my 3 year old bring me books to read to them. 

How Sturdy is the Storage Container?

Since I ordered these books for my son, who just turned five, I used the storage container as his gift box for all of his presents from us. I didn't think to take a picture of what all fit in the box (it was packed full), while still in their packages, but it did fit quite a bit. He is currently using the storage box to hold all of his new coloring books, coloring pads, markers, crayons and of course his new books from IncrediBundles. He likes his things to stay in their original packaging when possible, so I am very pleased that this container is as sturdy as it is.  For him, since I put all of his Birthday presents from us in this box, this is where they belong. Until he either finds new containers for some of his stuff or I put them else where. He's content and I'm fine with him doing so, so his items will stay in this box. He's opening and closing and taking stuff out and putting stuff back in the box many times a day and it is showing no wear through nearly a week now. I also love that the box has snaps on both ends so you can take it apart and it lays pretty flat for easy storing of the storage box if you don't currently want to use it. 

Conditions Received in - Spectacular! Ship Straight to your Recipient with Confidence!
All of the books arrived in pristine condition, no creased pages, no roughed up corners, etc. The storage box as well arrived in pristine condition with no evidence of sitting around and getting scuffed or anything of the sort. This is definitely a package I'd be happy with presenting as a present at a baby shower, 1st Birthday, etc. I may be a weirdo, but I like the gifts I give to look as thought the receiver just pulled them off the shelf, with three kiddos at home, that doesn't always happen. You could have an IncrediBundles delivered right to your recipients front door and not have to worry about the condition of the package. The storage container is of course shipped within a solid cardboard box to help protect all of your goods through shipping. My sister lives out of state, but when she has her first baby, I look forward to sending her an IncrediBundles. 

Did the kids like our IncrediBundles Book Bundle?

 The kids approve of all the books we received. Cade attempts to read them on his own and doesn't do too bad, Ezio makes up a story based on the photos and of course Jada gets sucked into reading them books...okay, well she loves to read to them. Since Cade and Jada are on summer break she takes the box of books into the bedroom and lays on the bed to read to the boys at least three times through out the day. She loves to read and since Cade is learning to read he's finally taking an interest in reading books. Prior to this past year he really only cared for iSpy type books and boy is he amazing at them and memorizes them after looking at them once. Lets hope he has the same success with words and reading.

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Connect with IncrediBundles
Twitter @incredibundles
  What would you like from IncrediBundles? Would you gift an IncrediBundle to someone? If so, who?


  1. These bundles are so awesome! I love how the containers are reuseable and the bundles are adorable! I love each of them,I would love that toy bundle for my little niece and nephew,but the sleep bundle would be great for my sister's baby shower, so cute!

  2. these are great bundles. and it great that u can reuse the containers

  3. I have 14 grandchildren so this would get used a lot,,they share well when they are here,of course they are not all here at the same time ,,but those that are would really enjoy this

  4. Wow! Those would be great for a baby shower or birthday present! I love how the box is so sturdy and can be used for storage!

  5. Incredibundles really make gift giving so much easier. I plan to send one to my niece for her baby shower. I know it will be appreciated.

  6. I love that these come in a storage box that can be used over and over again. What great gifts these would make.

  7. These are great for gift giving at Christmas time. Thank you for the information. Very nice gift.

  8. I really like the Learn and Grow Bundle! It would be perfect for my little Nephew, Eli! Thanks for your great review :)

  9. Books are my favorite gifts to give to my grandkids. I like the Book Bundle you chose with the sturdy box to store them in. I like the idea of putting the other birthday gifts in the box for the child. I would include a new pair of character pjs for child to snuggle into as you read a book to them at bedtime.

  10. I like the new packaging and all the great products they are filling them with. The book bundles would be perfect for my 2 grandsons. They love books!

  11. great stuff! wish I new about these when my Nephew's where a little younger.rite now thay are getting ready to go to school for the first time.

  12. The bundles are great and I like that you can reuse the containers.

  13. This would be a great gift for a baby shower or Christmas present, especially since we live out of town from our immediate family. I'm also a huge fan of the boxes themselves being reusable for storage. That's a neat feature!

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