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Wearever Waterproof Bed Pad Review

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Disclosure: I received the bed pad in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and experiences are our own and may differ from those of your own. 

 The Prime Life Fiber company began back in the 1990's when Bob Deerin had noticed a growing industry in Europe for reusable incontinence underwear that had not yet been introduced to the US market. Bob and his partner in these early days saw an opportunity to provide a quality product at an overall lower cost and they began to import reusable incontinence undergarments from Europe. However, the cost of doing this made it clear, quite quickly, that in order to continue to provide these products, they would need to be manufactured locally in order for the business to sustain itself. Bob subcontracted the manufacturing to a Thomasville, North Carolina fabric company and he patented a 3 layer Hydrex system for total protection. 

Wearever has been a successful evolution of the company from those early days to it's leadership position today and is based on a mission to develop the best incontinence products on the market.

Incontinence Mattress Pad

We received a Wearever Incontinence Mattress Pad with Wings ($19.99ARV). This is a waterproof mattress protector/pad that has a vinyl  barrier as the bottom layer (pink side), with an 8oz poly soaker that absorbs moisture in the middles and is topped with a comfortable and soft, 80% cotton/ 20% polyester blend which is called IBEX as the top layer. This protector comes with attached, large fabric wings that help secure the pad in place. It measures 36" by 32" with three layers of protection. The large wings are 19" long and are sewn onto both sides of the bed pad and are more then long enough to tuck under both sides of a twin or hospital type bed. This mattress pad will hold up to 60 ounces of liquid per Wearever's website information. 

Cade is my 4 year old son who is in big boy undies during the day, however at nap and bedtime he needs to wear a pull-up. Despite his efforts of using the bathroom multiple times before finally falling asleep and even sometimes waking during the night to get up and go to the bathroom, he still wakes up with a wet pull-up and very often a soaking wet bed and bedding. I'm not sure if you have a child or loved one whom wets the bed, but it is not easy scrubbing a mattress at least once a day, everyday. Plus, the bedding ends up being so much to wash and dry. We had to buy him another bed set because along with cloth diapers and clothing for 5 people to keep up with, I just could not continue to spend all day to wash all of his bedding, often including his pillow, sheet and comforter. There was no time left to do other necessary laundry.

For the sake of this review, I first put the mattress pad on Cade's bed with the waterproof side up so that you would be able to see it is full protection across the mattress. With this pad you don't have to worry about yourself or loved one staying in one small area of the bed in order to stay on the pad.

 The wings on this mattress pad reach probably a good foot under neath the mattress. Of course how much room you have with your wings to wrap around depends on the width and size of your mattress. The wings definitely help a ton!! Before receiving this pad I was doubling up the crib mattress protector pads and with how much Cade rolls around in his sleep, they barely protected any portion of his mattress at all. Plus, after laying those things on his bed and then trying to carefully put the sheet on his bed, they just never stayed put and it was always a fit. With this bed pad from Wearever and it having wings, makes things so much easier! It barely moves at all when putting the fitted sheet on, even when tucking the sheet under the sides of the mattress the wings stay in place. Also, Cade often takes a running jump into bed and this bed mat shifts slightly, but I can easily just smooth it back down/out without having to take the sheet off and remake the whole bed. 

Again, only for the sake for the sake of this review is the sheet off of his bed. You can definitely place this bed pad on top of the fitted sheet, however like I mentioned above, I want to be sure that the bed pad stays in place. If I were to put it on top of the sheet, which I did try... he ended up sliding his feet and legs under the mattress pad and wet through his sheet, into his mattress anyhow. So this is why we put the bed pad under the fitted sheet instead of over. I wish we could put it over the sheet as then the sheet would not get wet either, but I will take a wet sheet rather then a soaked mattress. 

We've never had an issue with the pad not being absorbent enough to catch/absorb all of Cade's night time accident(s). Even if he is sleeping towards the top of the bed pad, it is still very good and absorbing the vast majority of the urine, leaving the mattress just slightly damp. A slightly damp mattress and wet sheet are much easier to take care of while also chasing after a 2 year old, Cade and doing other morning "chores". 

In the past we have also tried a vinyl mattress protector that completely covered the mattress and zipped shut. Well.... it was VERY noisy, it spelled of plastic/vinyl strongly, air would build up between the mattress and the vinyl cover and look all puffed up. We have NONE of those issues with this bed pad from Wearever. It is quiet and lays smoothly against the mattress or sheet, I've had to feel the mattress a few times to see if I had remembered to put it back on his bed. Oh and Cade and Ezio (2 year old) some how ripped the other vinyl cover we had, straight down the middle! When we first received this bed pad I would make Cade's bed as soon as this pad and his sheet were dry... only to quickly find the boys ripping everything off of the bed... including the fitted sheet and bed pad. Even with them being rough with it, tugging on it, fighting over it and walking on it, there is not a single hole, pulled thread or anything. Definitely a great quality bed pad and the price is SO worth it!!! The crappy, loud vinyl cover I bought was $15 and lasted a whole THREE NIGHTS!!! 

I would definitely recommend this bed pad to any and everyone. Whether it be for an adult or child, worth every penny and worth washing it and reusing it. We have never bought disposable bed pads, but my mom has used them as piddle pads for her puppy and the disposable pads become too expensive, really quickly.

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Would you or a loved one benefit from any Wearever products? What do you like most about Wearever products?


  1. Sounds like a great product. I would purchase this.

  2. The mattress pad does cover a nice area of the bed. I do not have anyone in my family that would currently benefit from this...but my god-daughter is probably entering a stage where this would come in handy.

  3. That does sound like a great product. I like the fact that you don't have to wrestle with it to put it on the mattress.

  4. Awesome product. We used them all the time when I worked in nursing. I have one on my mattress now just in case of an accident when the little ones crawl in our bed in the middle of the night.

  5. Looks like a fantastic solution! Looks to be a much safer solution than having the little ones sleeping with vinyl in their beds!

  6. I need to tell my sister about this! My nephew wets the bed quite a bit and even though they are working on it, a product like this would be helpful!

  7. I need to get this for my daughter I am in the middle of potty breaking her and she keeps having night time no no's

  8. I wish they would sell those in Ecuador too. You usually get an incontinence matress pad with the baby basket at the birth of your baby in Finland. But I haven't found them on sale here in Ecuador.

  9. That sounds like something I need! Will check it out. Amber N

  10. We will be needing this pretty soon when we start potty training again! I would purchase for sure!

  11. Our 3 year old is doing the same thing at night- he doesn't even wake up when he pees in his undies!

  12. Our 3 year old is doing the same thing at night- he doesn't even wake up when he pees in his undies!