Friday, August 1, 2014

Deathly Hallows Leather Bracelet Giveaway! US 8/15

Harry Potter Leather Deathly Hallows Bracelet Giveaway
Sponsored by: Hogwarts House Cup Games
Hosted by: A Small Village

bracelet giveaway 

How about a game? Lets start with Acrostics. Acrostics is where you make a Harry Potter related words out of Harry Potter related words. Sound confusing? Well it is quite simple and fun!
HARRY POTTER - I take each letter and turn it into a new Harry Potter related word that begins with that letter. 
Hagrid Aragog Remus Ron Yaxley 
Petunia  Owl  Tonks  Trelawney  Erised  Reducto
Now if you read the first letter of each word it spells out HARRY POTTER! 

How about Trivia? 
Q. What is Harry Potter's Birthday?
A. July 31, 1980 - Correct 200 points to your House!
Each month Hogwarts House Cup Games awards the House with the most points with the House Cup of the Month! They even have an Admin of the month!

Do you know what house you are in? You can take the Sorting Hat Quiz Here if you aren't sure, but most Harry Potter fans know by heart! 

Right now you can enter to win a Deathly Hallows leather bracelet! 
Open to US residents only 18+ 
August 1st - August 15th
This giveaway will have trivia questions and a point grab. Help your House win the House Cup this Month!

Disclosure: This giveaway is not affilliated with any social media networks, including Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. No other participating bloggers are responsible for shipment of the prize. A Small Village is hosting this giveaway for Hogwarts House Cup Games.

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