Monday, August 11, 2014

Back To School Mix N' Match Outfits!

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Mix N' Matching Back To School Outfits! 

First we'll mix n' match an outfit for Jedilynn. 
Doggie Tee
Doggy Tee from Crazy 8

Jedilynn loves dog shirts, especially ones with a Pug on them as grandma has a Pug! So I know she'd love this shirt! Next, jeans. Jedilynn loves the fun and colorful jeans so here is what I'd choose for her. 
Skinny Jeans
Cherry Skinny Jeans from Crazy 8

And of course girls need a super fun and cute pair of shoes to go with their new outfit.  

Now an awesome outfit for Cade to start of his first year of school with! 
Skull + Drum Sticks Tee
Skull + Drumsticks Tee from Crazy 8
I love this Skull shirt and it would go great with the jeans below.  
Classic Jean
Classic Jeans from Gymboree
A nice pair of classic jeans can go with any fun tee or even a polo. This pair of jeans comes in a light, medium and dark wash. The dark wash is pictured above and I always choose darker jeans for my children as they are so hard on their clothes and stains are impossible to prevent with them! Now for a great pair of shoes! 

Lace-Up Sneakers from Janie and Jack
These sneakers would go great with just about any outfit! You can dress up nice with them or you can even dress casual. Great multipurpose sneakers.

Visit Gymboree, Crazy 8 and Janie and Jack and Mix N' Match their apparel to make the perfect Back to School outfit for your child(ren)!    

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  1. These outfits are so cute! I need to check these websites out!