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BuyCostumes Disney's "FROZEN" Costumes in Summer!

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Olaf Gets His Wish! Disney's "Frozen" Costumes in Summer

Frozen Costumes at

Disney's "Frozen" was recently named the fifth grossing movie of all time, which means if you have a little Elsa or Anna (or even Olaf) wannabe in your house, you'll want to avoid the nightmare of the Halloween costume rush now.

But what could you possibly do with Frozen characters under the summer sun? Here are some creative ideas to inspire a wintery wonderland when it is warm outside. 

Frozen Costumes at

Frozen Holiday Card Photo Shoot - Do you always find yourself running around in early December, trying to find the best wintery photo that captures the spirit of your family for the past year? Why not become the cast of "Frozen" and set yourself up to craft the ultimate holiday card? You could either go classic and find a plain background to shoot against (like a white wall), or give it a comedic twist and stage Elsa, Anna and friends into the funniest of summer scenes! With Frozen costumes for kids and adults available at BuyCostumes, everyone can participate! 

WWOD: What Would Olaf Do? - All that goofy little snowman wants is a chance to celebrate summer… and now you can help him! With nothing more than an Olaf costume, you can challenge your kids to some fun, imaginative play and ask them to create scenes depicting what would Olaf do, now that he is in summer. Be sure to document those hilarious pictures of Olaf riding bikes, having a water ballon fight and hitting the Slip 'N Slide!

Cool Down with a Frosty Coronation Party - In the stifling summer heat, there is nothing like a Frozen party to cool things down. Why not have an ice cream or snow cone coronation with the characters! BuyCostumes even has the Frozen - Anna Coronation Deluxe Girls Costume! Play the songs, reenact the ceremony…dressing up and getting cool was never so magical and fun.

Frozen Costumes at
  1. Frozen Elsa Wand
  2. Disney Frozen Deluxe Anna Toddler / Child Costume
  3. Snow Queen Girls Gown and Cape
  4. Frozen - Anna Coronation Deluxe Girls Costume
  5. Frozen - Elsa Snow Queen Dress Costume
  6. Sparkle Ballerina (Silver) Child Shoes
  7. Frozen - Elsa Shoes
  8. Disney Frozen Deluxe Elsa Toddler / Child Costume
For a full selection of Disney Frozen Costumes, visit BuyCostumes - but hurry because supplies are limited! 

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