Friday, August 1, 2014

Try Green Kids Crafts for FREE!

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Try Green Kid Crafts for free! For a limited time, enjoy a free sample-size project from one of their most popular Discovery Boxes! Only $4.95 shipping. You will be automatically enrolled in a Green Kid Crafts monthly subscription, and may cancel at anytime. Get your FREE Trial here!

Your free trial includes - Shadow Puppets

Have fun creating drama in darkness and light - for FREE! Along with all of the literacy benefits of having children tell stories, in this kit, kids will also learn how to build their own shadow puppet theater and all about how light travels away from a light source until it meets an object. This Shadow Puppets Kit shows kids how to put on plays that are sure to astound their family and friends — without a shadow of a doubt! 

This Creativity Kit includes:
- punch-out puppets of 6 nocturnal animals
- glue, instructions, craft sticks, plus their own light source: a cool flashlight pen!
- bonus pack of soy crayons PLUS a Nocturnal Science digital Green Kid Magazine, filled with fun project ideas and experiments

*Note: This is a sample kit. This Shadow Puppets Kit is one of 3 projects from the award-winning Nocturnal Animals Discovery Box. 

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