Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Zulily's Beauty Essentials Week!

Zulily's Beauty Week!
Yes! A week of sales on all your favorite beauty essentials!

What are your favorite beauty essential products? 
I personally am a sucker for sugar and salt scrubs as they leave your skin so baby soft! Sugar scrubs are great for taking care of the annoying dry skin itching during the winter months. I live in an old home and it is so dry in here during the winter. I always try to leave a window cracked open a little bit to help a little fresh air flow through, but with living in Wisconsin just an inch or too is often too much and I end up freezing and closing the window. I also love body butters, most lotions cause me to itch and they don't really "soak" into my skin, they more so sit on the surface and are just heavy and gross. Body butters on the hand are a love of mine, especially as an after care when I shave my legs. They help prevent the itching that comes along with shaving my legs. Aside from these two types of products I really don't use much more as far as beauty products at the moment, I'm only 24 and to be honest... a bit too lazy for all the other things I could be doing daily for my skin.

Excimer Gentle Cream Cleanser - Sale $14.99
Milk & Honey Ultra-Rich Body Butter - Sale $19.99

Sugar Kiss Body Butter - Sale $14.99

Citrus & Vanilla Body Butter - Sale $16.99

Brown Sugar & Vanilla Sugar Souffle Scrub - $19.99

Revitalizing Dead Sea Salts - Sale $14.99

These are just some of my favorite products from Zulily's Beauty Week!

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