Saturday, September 14, 2013

Babyville Boutique Cloth Diaper Sewing Supplies Review


Babyville is all about transforming your adoration into wearable expressions of love. Babyville was designed to marry mom's need for the best possible products with an eco-friendly diapering option these are their primary concerns. Babyville knows how nothing is stronger then the love a mother can give to her child, but why not make that love even stronger with hand-made by mom cloth diapers and other baby, toddler and children's accessories?!

Babyville Supplies

I received a roll of EZ Adjust Tape (Hook and Loop), a 2 pack of Stars & Solid Red FOE (fold over elastic), a pattern book for the new "Ultimate Pocket Diaper Pattern", 2 Boutique Appliques and a 3 pack of Cowboys & Robots print PUL fabric. I will admit, I completely chickened out of using the appliques, although I do hope to use them one day soon, they are adorable. I'm just not quite confident enough at the moment with my larger motor machine. I also did not make the new Babyville boutique "Ultimate Pocket Diaper", but hope to do so soon. 

Diapers I made!

Super adorable Cowboy print PUL with FOE that I was originally going to make a pocket diaper, but then changed my mind and made a cover instead. I will have to update with a photo of it completed, I was too excited and put it on Ezio's bum right after drying to heat seal it. 
ROBOT diaper! This one I made as a pocket diaper, please ignore my wonky stitching... FOE and I were not having a good night together, but I sewed this diaper at 3am so maybe I was just too tired. Even with me messing up on the FOE and stitching it still fits both Cade and Ezio perfectly! I added some polybraided 3/8" elastic to the back, however you can use FOE all the way around the diaper, even for a pocket diaper.

Not the best on the bum shot, but Ezio likes his new diaper made by mommy! Or maybe he's excited about the one black sock of daddy's that he has on, but probably most excited about his sweet potato chip. Either way, he has on the robot pocket diaper and it is amazing for over night! I made the Large diaper using Babyville's pattern. Both Ezio and Cade have worn it over night with not a single leak and Cade is a heavy wetter! Cade is 3 years old and 40 pounds while Ezio is a bit smaller at 20 months and 26ish pounds. Quite proud of myself.

I really like how easy it is to sew Babyville Boutique PUL fabric, most PUL fabrics are sticky and you need additional "tools" in order to sew it with ease. The FOE is also pretty easy to use when it is not 3am! So learn from my mistake and make a beautiful diaper with no wonky stitching earlier in the day. Make sure to use a wide and fairly long in length zig zag, preferably a 3 step zig zag... I couldn't figure out the 3 step on my new machine. The EZ adjust tape is pretty straight forward, cut to the length it tells you to in the book or on the pattern and mark your PUL fabric for where it needs to be sewn on with a washable fabric marker, then you simply sew it on. I still have some red PUL and I should have enough of the robots and cowboy prints to make "halfy" diapers and I am hoping I will have snaps by then to make one size diapers.

Since trying the 3 pack of Babyville PUL and discovering the ease of sewing with it, the awesome waterproof of the fabric and it holding up for both of the boys over night I have purchased an entire bolt of the Duck PUL and can't wait to make all sorts of things from it, mainly diapers though... although I don't want an entire stash of just the one print so I may sell some. I really like the kids backpack I seen in another Babyville pattern book and I was thinking that a cute duck PUL print would be great for one of those! Why would I need a backpack made with PUL? It would be a great beach day bag and also a great diaper backpack as it would be waterproof and the boys cups often tip and leak out in the bags.

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What product(s) would you like to try from Babyville Boutique? What projects would you use these product(s) for/what would you make?

Disclosure: I received the above products in exchange for my honest review, all opinions and experiences are my own and may differ from those of your own. I received no monetary compensation for this publication. 


  1. You are amazing at this! I never this is possible until I saw your review! What a learning experience!

  2. well done on the diaper! I've been tempted to try out some of the supplies from Babyville boutique to make a cover or two, but I've hesitated because getting the size right for my little chunk is difficult most times. She's got the meatiest of thighs...
    I do love their patterns/prints tho. Adorable. Maybe I should focus on a wet bag or snack pouch with the PUL.

  3. I thought about making my own diapers for awhile now. I'd like to try the pul fabric someday. They come in some pretty adorable patterns.