Friday, September 27, 2013

Divorce Rates in the U.S.

I greatly appreciate the fact that the rate of divorce for couples with children is less then the rate of couples without children. It is nice to see evidence that couples are probably trying to make things work instead of breaking their children's hearts. Divorce is not only hard on the couple, but also their children.

Honestly, I am quite surprised that the divorce rate greatly increases the more times your married and divorced. To me it always seemed as thought the first marriages where the worst and often end, but I also thought that the second or third marriages were solid and lasted. And apparently, just be uber cautious of who you would like to marry if your an Oklahoma resident.

While it is a fact that divorce rates in the US are lessening and even if I were in a committed relationship still, I would not get married until after many many years! The thing about rushing into marriage, even a few years of dating prior is that people change! You start to see more and more true colors and the way a person really is when you move in together apposed to dating and living separately, then once you've settled into the same house together, you both open up a little more and more things start to creep out. When you've committed to becoming engaged to one another there is another level of comfort in which most people will change a little more. Once your married it's like most people become 100% comfortable, letting out their true self in full. I'm not saying everyone pretends to be someone different and honestly often times you don't even realize that you do so. Some people become more lazy, less polite or just plain old crabby. This is not me saying that this is the only thing that can lead to divorce as I know that is not true, but this all definitely the first thing everyone should watch closely and just be yourself from the beginning of your relationship. Don't try to be someone you are not just to impress a person of interest, be yourself. If they can not accept you for who you are then you deserve someone better them.

Have you been divorced? If so how many times?

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  1. As an Oklahoman, this makes me so sad. I've only been married 2 years but (obviously) I'm hoping my married will last. My husband and I waited awhile to get married because we've seen friends get divorced. It is heartbreaking. We don't have children yet and I really don't want to raise children in a broken home.