Saturday, September 7, 2013

BeKoool Itch Relief Patches Review {Sponsor Spotlight}

BeKOOOL offers a range of products to help provide comfort and relief to your entire family. BeKOOOL products are manufactured by Kobayashi Healthcare, LLC along with several other brands. BeKOOOL's Itch Relief Patch was launched in March 2013 and is their first product of it's kind as far as anti-itch.

Anti-Itch Relief Patches

BeKOOOL's new Itch Relief Patches are available in 18 packs. These patches are medicated and help to temporarily relieve pain and itching associated with this such as insect bites, poison ivy, minor skin irritations, etc. They are also clear, leaving them nearly invisible on skin, they protect against scratching and further irritation to the site. Great relief for the entire family!

Mosquitoes love Cade, however Cade develops huge welts from them. The photo above is a really minor mosquito bite for him, but it was still bothersome and itchy for him. I applied an itch relief patch and he was definitely feeling relief within just seconds! It was like magic!

The patch didn't go one completely flat/smooth as it was on the side of his back and he was trying to see it. As you can see he did have another mosquito bite just above it. We applied one to that bite as well and he received fast and painless relief quickly to that one as well. After a few hours of having the patch on the bite he did take it off as he also does with bandaids, we did not have to reapply a new patch though. 

I was really pleased that these patches provided relief to Cade and we did not have to use an oral antihistamine to provide him with relief and also that the medication on the patches did not cause any reaction nor did it even cause redness. He has very sensitive skin and eczema, so that was great and put my mind at ease! He had scratched both bites quite a bit before I put the patches on him and they did not burn or cause further irritation. We have used the antihistamine sprays and if you scratch or have an open wound where you spray it on it most definitely burns. 

I have used these patches on a few bug bites of my own and can say that they do work! I can't not scratch an itch, mine had a small bit of skin that I scratched off before applying the patch as I was trying to avoid using one of the patches as I wanted to save them for the kids. I gave in and applied one and so wished I had done so sooner! Due to the medication and the box advising not to use on children under 2 years of age, I have not tried these patches on Ezio yet. While Ezio usually does not get bitten by mosquitoes, he does have one every now and then, however, they are never as severe as Cade's bites.

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Who in your family would benefit from these the most? What do you like most about the BeKoool itch relief patches? 

Disclosure: I received the above products in exchange for my honest review, all opinions and experiences are 100% my own. I received no monetary compensation for this publication. 

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