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Cade's 2nd Birthday Bash - Herr's Review

The history of Herr's dates back to 1946 when the story of Herr's foods began. It all began when James Stauffer Herr was 21 years old and bought a small potato chip company in Lancaster, Pennsylvania for $1,750. In September of 1946 James Herr proposed to Mim after an annual farm show in West Lampeter. They married five months later. September of 1951 a fire broke out in the potato chip factory after Jim closed up and finished his deliveries. This was devastating for the factory. In 1952, with help from family, friends and the bank they bought 37 acres and built a new 4,500 square-foot plant. To accommodate the growth by 1956, they built a 7,000 square-foot warehouse. In 1958, the Herr's decided to start seasoning the chips. The barbeque chip was born. With more flavors to follow. Read more about the history of HERR'S here.

Do you live in Nottingham, PA? Schedule your FREE Herr's Factory Tour HERE! I wish we lived in PA so we could visit the Herr's Factory. 
I apologize for my horrible picture! My LCD screen on my camera is broken and the boys were rushing me, I had to snap a super quick photo before the chips were devoured!
We received 7 bags of Herr's snacks. Buffalo Blue Cheese flavored cheese curls, Baby Back Ribs, American Hot Dog, Jalapeno Poppers flavored cheese curls, Sweet Onion, Hot Sauce and Ragin' Ranch chips from Herr's. I apologize for the horrible photo above, but Dan, his uncle and Cade were all pretty much attacking me for some chips even though Dan knew we were using at least five bags for the Birthday Party. 
They really wanted the Baby Back Ribs, so the 3 of them sat on the couch, watched a movie and ate the entire bag... I didn't get a single Baby Back Rib chip! Normally Cade will bring me at least one of whatever he is eating, but I guess these chips were just that good that mom got none. 
I ate about 1/2 the bag of Ragin' Ranch chips. I assumed they were just ranch flavored, and after the first chip I thought to myself, "Wow, these kind of have a little kick to them." Then I read the bag and they have a kick of pepper. It wasn't a bad or strong kick, I just wasn't expecting it. I loved the Ragin' Ranch chips.
We served the rest at the Birthday Party and everyone loved them. 
Jedilynn loved the American Hotdog chips. I will honestly say that I was hesitant to try them as I was afraid they would taste like hotdog water.... however they did not. They tasted like a hot dog with ketchup and mustard on them. I'm not a big fan of mustard, but I can say I did enjoy the taste of the American Hotdog chips. 
Buffalo Blue Cheese flavored cheese curls where another favorite of mine and Cade's. I do not like blue cheese so I was a little hesitant to try these as well, but I couldn't really tell that it was blue cheese instead of ranch, which I favor. The cheese curls were not too spicy, but not completely mild either. 
I did not try the Sweet Onion, but my dad really likes them. Cade ate what was left from the party of the Jalapeno Poppers, Sweet Onion, some Buffalo Blue Cheese flavored cheese curls and the Hot Sauce chips. Might be mean of me, but it was quite funny... Cade took a bite of the Hot Sauce chips and must not have realized what they were because he sort of gagged and then wiped his tongue with a towel. However, they must not have been too hot and must have just caught him off guard as he went back to eating the majority of what was left. 
We greatly enjoyed the Herr's products!

Purchase Herr's products HERE or find them in your local grocery store. 

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