Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cade's 2nd Birthday Bash - Zevia Review & Giveaway US 8/3

 Zevia is an all natural, ZERO calories and no artificial sweeteners soda! The answer to diet soda. Sweetened with Stevia, Zevia is like a "sparkling" water to me.
We received several "Rainbow Cases" of Zevia for Cade's 2nd Birthday Party.
Guests at the party allowed their children to drink Zevia, which a little all natural soda every now and then wont hurt anything and the kids probably love the fact that they are drinking SODA! I love all the natural ingredients in Zevia. I felt it was fine for my six year old and two year old to drink. They both love Zevia, but they never drink regular soda. My grandma, who is diabetic does not drink regular sodas due to the sugar content and she does not drink diet sodas due to the containment of phenylalanine (an amino acid). Zevia is a great all natural soda because it allows those with medical problems to be able to consume it along with those on diets or even those who just avoid soda for their own personal reasons. My cousin has reoccurring kidney stones and she only drinks Zevia, which is where I first heard about Zevia. I myself am not a huge fan of anything "sparkling", I don't like the sparkling wines, sparkling water, and sadly I didn't care to much for Zevia, however I am a Mountain Dew addict so that could probably explain it. Aside from Zevia being all natural I also LOVE that Zevia is CLEAR!!! No stained area rugs (no carpet in our home), no stained furniture, no stained clothing, etc. Great for a toddler trying to master the whole drinking out of a regular cup.

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