Saturday, July 14, 2012


My mother raised me to help EVERY and ALL living things! Whether they are human, "rodents", strays, etc. My godmother has four cats all thanks to my mom and myself finding them as tiny babies abandoned. We kept one of the five kittens. 
So we try to help out any type of animal. Last week my mom and godmother were putting together a shed in the backyard. They would come sit on the front porch every so often as there is NO shade in the backyard before about 1:30 p.m. On one of their breaks, I beat them up to the front porch and I told my mom... I hear a scratching and I believe it is coming from the charcoal bin. So she moved the metal garden frog that was sticking out of the top of the charcoal bin for whatever reason. Sure enough, there was a baby possum in the charcoal bin. This was during our super hot and dry weeks. My mom moved the bin over underneath her Bonsai Tree as there was shade beneath it. And look what I got to see!!!
The little guy came out of the bucket, sniffed around the white trellis and then went around the back of the charcoal bin.

 Sorry the picture above is so poor, he was a quick little guy so there was no time to zoom in on him. But, the picture below is the same as above, except it is the entire picture.
He barely had any hair on him. He pretty much refused to come out of the bin after this first trip around the bin he took. So my mom placed the bin on the side of the porch with a rock under the bottom so he wouldn't be trapped in the bin. He went under the porch a short while later. 
We thought racoons lived under our front porch, which we are fine with as they are not causing any issues right now except the once in a while fright if we are sitting on the porch when they try to run under neath it, but they are pretty intimidated by us. I did have about a 10 minute stare off with a huge raccoon not to long ago, never broke eye contact and once I stood up he realized I was much bigger then him and he ran off. I assume there are now possums living under our porch as I've seen an adult possum scurry under there a few times with in the last few months and now there is this little guy.

Have you helped our a stray animal in need or even a wild animal or rodent?

I know most people wouldn't want to encourage life in a rodent such as a possum, but they are living things, this is how I was raised and I am proud and happy doing this. :)

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