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Splat Hair Color Review

About Splat & Developlus
Splat Hair Color was founded by Developlus. Developlus was founded in the early 90's, they were the first to create a developer with less than 1% ammonia and became the pioneers of that technology. First started out as a small hair color developer company and has grown into a multimillion dollar corporation in almost two decades. The company offers a wide range of products from color care shampoos and conditions, luxury hair dyes and to their highly acclaimed beauty miracle- Color Oops. They have worked closely with the top beauty industry professionals, chemists and hair colorists in the past two decades to help ensure that their products are always at the cutting edge of technology and are at least a few strides ahead of the competition. Splat Hair Color is NOT tested on animals!

Crimson Obsession & Blue Envy

I was so excited to try out the Crimson Obsession and Blue Envy hair color from Splat! My hair has always been pretty plain. Bleh! I have very dark brown hair, most people think my hair is black. The only colors I've had in my hair were bleach blond highlights, I wanted red highlights, but the stylist doing my hair insisted that the bleach blond high lights looked great and she didn't want to add the color. The lady that did my hair was a friend of my mom's so I just took her word for it, boy did I regret that! I hated the blond highlights. :/ Eh, thankfully my hair grows pretty quick so once it grew out I just get a trim. The second time I had color added to my hair was several years later and it was finally my red highlights I had wanted for a while. A friend of mine is a Nail Technician and Cosmetologist, she actually listens to what her clients (even close friends) want and provides them with the best results. After those highlights started to fade out I had a box of some crappy hair dye, it was red, but did NOT come with bleach like the Splat Complete Kits so with my dark hair you could hardly even see the red color. Also with the box of red (not Splat at the time) it burned my scalp and made my head itch pretty bad. That last experience really made me a bit nervous to dye my hair again, but boy am I glad I decided to go through with it!! 

Splat Complete Kits
The Splat Complete Kits come with everything you need to achieve the vivid color you want! 
 The kit includes: Splat lightening bleach and Splat Oxide Hair Color (3oz.) with easy to follow instructions and a pair of gloves! 

Let the experimenting BEGIN! EEK!
My good friend did my hair for me as it is just above my waist and I didn't want to attempt dying my own way too long hair! She used both bottles of bleach, working from my roots outward. The bleach of course doesn't have a very pleasant smell, what bleach does?! But, we were both stuffed in her pretty small bathroom and even though the door was open, there was no fan or ventilation for the smell. That's okay we both survived. 

I am a VERY impatient person! Because my hair is so dark I had to let the bleach sit in my hair for about an hour! As we all know what happens with bleach on clothing, furniture, etc I stood the entire time because I did not want to ruin anything of my friend's on accident. After an hour of waiting, I rinsed my head and then had to let my hair dry before we could add the color. I have a lot of hair and no hair dryer! My hair takes quite a while to try. I'm not complaining, but again I'm just that impatient that even though we had our 5 kids running around I still just wanted to get the color in so I see what exciting hair I would have! 

After rinsing and waiting for my hair to dry it was finally time to add the color!! We discussed how I wanted it, red on top and blue underneath. Sounds pretty simple eh? It was an easy task, but we didn't think about how we would keep the colors separate once the dye was in my hair.

Yes, she most definitely did put saran wrap to keep the two colors from running together. It was an awesome idea and worked PERFECTLY!!! Oh, and she also applied a small amount of petroleum jelly on my head around my hair line. It helps keep the color off your skin and easier to wipe off so your forehead is not dyed different colors.
I only had to wait about 45 minutes for the color to set in and then I was able to rinse my head. Her cold water in her shower is ICE COLD! Eeek! It made my hands and head hurt so bad because it was so cold. To think I've lived in Wisconsin my entire life and for shower water to be cold enough to hurt my hands and head, that was some freaking cold water! But I survived. You rinse until the water running down the tub is clear, which NEVER happened for me, there was also still quite a bit of hair color on my scalp.

I like the Crimson Obsession. The above photo makes it appear to be brown under the red, but it is not, there just was not very good lighting in her kitchen.

Blue Envy is a great color!! I will admit, I was quite nervous about the blue, but I like it as well! 

 Crimson Obsession (Red) and Blue Envy, I love my hair!  When I wear my hair down, most people do not notice the blue, but I usually wear my hair up in a pony tail or bun. I've already got plans for the next two colors I'd like. 

Also, there was some of both colors left over, which I can use for touch-ups! Woot! 

UPDATE! After the first initial wash, I washed my hair again several days later, not in hot water and with a colored treated specialized shampoo. The color finally came off of my scalp, but the whole bottom half (furthest from scalp, about where you would put a pony tail holder and downwards) of my hair is no longer blue or red. I now have an ugly stripped/bleached hair color exposed since the color washed out of my hair!

Apparently even if your hair gets wet from rain, sweat, etc the color will start to bleed. Be careful what shirt you wear if you ever decide to use Splat, the back of the neckline on my shirts are now dyed blue and the color does not come off of clothing as easily as it does your hair!! 

Not sure why I had to strip (bleach) my hair in the first place if the color was just going to bleed completely out with the first wash or if it were to have gotten wet another way! I'm also not sure why the directions state to leave the hair color in for 45 minutes for the color to last 3-6 months, when mine washed out as soon as I washed my hair! What are you not supposed to shower, be in the rain, sweat, etc while Splat is in your hair in order to maintain the color for 3-6 months?! 

I would NOT recommend Splat to anyone, even if they were just looking for a temporary color for a night out. Myself and my sister have both used temporary colors and I have to say they last LONGER then the Splat. I'm rather dissatisfied with Splat and am sorry to have to inform my readers of this, I was pleased with the colors of my hair, but am now stuck with UGLY bleached hair from the neck down! 

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In Canada look for Splat Hair Color at Lawtons Drug as well as at London Drugs & Rexall.

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Disclaimer: I received the above product(s) in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and may differ from your own opinions/experiences. I was not compensated in any other way for this review. 


  1. It was a pain in a way to color your hair because it's so darn long, but it came out great! Next time let's try to get someone to watch all the kids, lol. Your hair looks amazing =)

    1. Definitely need someone to watch all of the children next time. No accidents falling down the stairs or slamming heads into the door frames, lol! Thank ya. I'm thinking about layering my hair, I HATE layered hair, but want to see how it would look and maybe the blue would be more visible when my hair is down. We'll see.

  2. Too bad it would bleed everytime it got wet. I'd be so nervous to wear any of my shirts. I bet it was fun to do though!

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  4. I bleached my hair on the 2nd in prep for adding crimson but suffered chemical burns and hair loss after leaving it on for 30 minutes with a cap on as directed. I am now missing roughly 1/3 of my hair. I DO NOT recommend this product either!

  5. Well, as a costumer who's been using Splat, I can say I was one of those who got amazing results that actually stayed amazing! I can understand how one might be put off by any sort of product for a variety of reasons, and I've had it happen to me in the past. However, this case, along with God knows how many others, seems to me to be more of a case of misuse than product malfunction. To explain, I noticed that you failed to bleach your hair to the correct lightness; as clearly stated in their directions, you were supposed to bring it to a pale your photo, your hair appears as more of a light brown color. If the hair is not lightened enough, the dye will not take as deeply and therefore will fade much quicker. And as for the bleach, they also state that you're not supposed to let it contact your scalp (this goes for any product that strips color, as it is an irritant and can easily burn the sensitive scalp area). I know it takes a lot of time and patience, and it's definitely a good thing that you had a friend to help, but believe me...anything that is worth having will take some time to get. I love Splat, but I hope you were able to find something else you felt best worked for you. Best wishes, and happy holidays! (Oh, and I thought the colors looked lovely on you.)

    1. Hi Grace. Thank you for your comment. My issue with the hair color is not that it faded, but that it bled horribly! Anytime my hair got wet (even from the rain) for MONTHS the color bled out onto my skin as well as my clothing. I've had my hair died in the past and this has never happened, I've only had minimal color bleeding. As for the bleach and my hair not being a pale blonde color, that isn't our fault... unless of course I'm supposed to sit with bleach in my hair for days on end until it's finally able to turn dark brown hair to pale blonde.
      Happy Holidays! :)

    2. That's really weird mines never just kept bleeding it stopped after the 2nd wash did you make sure you got it all out?

    3. That's really weird mines never just kept bleeding it stopped after the 2nd wash did you make sure you got it all out?

  6. Wow, I appreciate the honest review. I can't believe you had to bleach your hair first! And then for it to ruin your clothes. That is terrible. I will be staying away from Splat...

    1. Well she had dark hair of course she had to bleach it first and though sorry for her with the bleeding each time I've dyed my hair with splat it never bleeds

    2. Well she had dark hair of course she had to bleach it first and though sorry for her with the bleeding each time I've dyed my hair with splat it never bleeds

  7. oh wow, i love the red! but i am not a big fan of home dyeing my hair! it tends to ruin it, and you had said you had to bleach it first, i wouldn't do that without a professional! thanks for the review, i will not even attempt to go near splat! LOL

  8. With Splat, the longer you leave it in, the longer it will last. So 45 mins is nowhere near enough for permanent. Splat is more like fabric dye instead of normal hair dye so once it's on, it's ON forever.

    We used pink and had to shave it off for the dang colour to come out. We even tried bleaching it to white first, no go... that pink was on til we shaved it off.

    Your red should have been the same... and the stuff that runs off is from your scalp, usually, not your hair.. but yeah, you didn't leave it on long enough. Sorry.

  9. Well now I know to just avoid Splat. The color looked great in the photo though.

  10. Well, the colors sure are true! But it's good to know it bleeds if it gets wet. If anyone uses it, they might want to put a hat on in the rain!

  11. Those are some vibrant and daring colors! I think I'm a bit scared of the potential bleeding, though.

  12. im so sorry that this product was more of a temporary then the result you were looking for. by all means permanent color should not turn your clothes to that color once its set. it did look lovely. i hope you find a product that does last after all that hard work and stress on the hair you deserve a product that should at least do its job :) :)

  13. thats crazy! i use crimson obsession whenever i dye my hair and i dont even have to use bleach to get results like yours! my hair is a medium brown color too.. mmm.. i guess you just have to use it right to get the right results(:

  14. I don't think I left it in long enough. I bleached it, it turned pale blonde, after it dried I applied the color...
    it's not bright at all.... I've used Crimson last summer, and it was beautiful! But this purple desire is not very purple, it almost looks like there reddish brown in there? So if I didn't leave it in long enough, cam I just put more color in it and let it set longer? Or do I have to rebleach it and then apply color? I don't want to bleach it again=/

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  16. The composition of your hair also makes a big difference on how the direct dye takes. Some people's hair just takes and holds dye better than others, regardless of whether it's direct dye or reactive (permanent) dye.

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  18. I'm surprised! I used splat lushious raspberry for the first time last year for red hair (few years before had used L'Oréal hilift in magenta and although the colour was pretty it would fade out too fast and look patchy when it did).
    The only problem I had with the splat raspberry was that when I wanted to go back to dark hair, I could not get it out! (Didn't try to bleach it out though.) when I did want it I used cool water and on days I didn't wash it used dry shampoo. When I wanted it out I used head and shoulders, hot water, but it would NOT come out. Been dyeing my hair dark brown for like 7-8 months now and red is still visible in the light. It just won't go away :(.
    The good thing I can say about it is that it was easy to keep in for me - even though loads would come out when showering, my hair never looked faded and I only ever had to touch up the roots the whole time. I hated how splat looks when it gets on your scalp though, and it seemed difficult to get off the scalp.

  19. i did a splat purple underneath and my hair was long as the woman pictured and as dark i had to bleach it twice to get to the right level of pale blonde. it never after the 2nd or 3rd washing bled, certainly not when it rained and that color stayed in a full year ,and i colored it dk brown at least 8 times in between. EVERYONE said oh its not gonna last it will wash out.. you need to follow the directions to the T. and you will get great results btw "punk rockers" have been doing this forever and they use the unsweetened kool aid .

  20. I was trying to find info about keeping the splat color from bleeding and came across your post. I've been using splat regularly for over a year, I had had my hair done professionally with blue and it also bled all the time, so I figured WTH I'll just do it myself.
    I found out that bleeding due to rain, sweat, etc. isn't an issue isolated to splat products.
    When professionally done (at different salons) my hair was bleached, so that is also not a procedure only recommended by splat.
    There are factors that can make your hair not hold color, one that we don't think about is the wax build up that we get from using many shampoos and other hair products containing silicone, wax and oils.
    The pigment in your hair has to be bleached out in order to get the maximum color saturation, otherwise your hair is going to be a completely different color (as you experienced before) than "blue envy" or any other color you buy.
    To add some helpful advice to this conversation I will say that since I dye my hair blue under and have blonde on the top I carry with me a dry blue wash cloth for the first two weeks to whisk away moisture and dye, after I freshen up my color/roots and I wear dark colors, the bleeding seems to end after the two weeks.
    My hair stays very blue for months, although it stops bleeding from moisture (rain, swimming etc.) after a couple weeks it still washes out some when I apply shampoo to it, but it is a temporary color so I expect that.
    Another effective way to get the color off if you experience bleeding is with a makeup remover cloth, I keep a travel size bag of them in my purse for such times and they work well.

  21. Wow ran into this page looking up about splat hair dyes, but it's a very much older page than I imagined. That said, if anyone wants red hair and to use only something natural, I highly recommend henna. Not the chemical type, but raw, natural henna powder. It's messy and takes a long while (Prepare a day where you have time and a day before to prepare it and let it sit overnight before applying it), but the color lasts and is just a plant based dye, basically putting plant on your head to dye it. It's very natural and works well.