Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cade's 2nd Birthday Bash - Plan Toys Creative Building Blocks

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We received a box of Plan Toys Creative Building Blocks from Thanks Mama. There are a total of 46 blocks in 11 different shapes. There are 18 colored blocks and 28 natural blocks. These creative building blocks can be used to build, teach grouping, counting, teaching a few colors, math, etc. 
Please ignore Cade being dirty, he is a boy after all. ;p
Cade absolutely LOVES his new blocks. He can be quite the block hog though. He helps me build and I help him, we share the blocks. I've gone through the colors with him, we have counted blocks as we built things. We have put the different shapes into piles, we put the colored blocks separate from the natural blocks, etc. 
Ezio thinks he should use the blocks as wooden teethers. Cade shares his blocks with Ezio, even though they usually go back to Cade all drooled on from Ezio. I love watching my boys play together... okay more so share as Ezio is not correctly crawling yet. Jedilynn also likes to play and build with the blocks. She is a little mom so she will ask Cade what color is this block? This is a blue square, what is this Cade? They are so cute together! 

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