Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Chocolate A Day™: Multivitamin in Sugar-Free Decadent Belgian Chocolate Review

Disclosure: I received the below product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and experiences are our own and may differ from those of your own. 

Chocolate A Day
Chocolate A Day™ Deluxe Multivitamin is a delicious Belgian chocolate that is boosted full of meaningful vitamins and minerals. Chocolate A Day™ is gluten, dairy, sugar, fillers, waxes, substitute oils and preservative free. The chocolate is a smooth, pure dark chocolate that is crafted from meticulously selected cocoa beans that are roasted to perfection.  While eating a piece or two of savory chocolate per day is more enjoyable then swallowing vitamin pills every day, your body will also be able to better dissolve and absorb the fat-soluble vitamins; A, D, E and K due to the rich cocoa butter. Lets not forget that chocolate also has natural antioxidants. 

We had the joy of trying out a box of Chocolate A Day ($24.95ARV). I let Dan have these as I'm not a fan of dark chocolate, which is okay. He loves chocolate more then probably 95% of the women that I know so I was definitely excited to receive this box of chocolate that I knew he would love, but that would also be much more healthier for him. He works a labor intensive job so I knew the vitamin boost would be great for him in many ways. It's impossible to get him to take a vitamin pill and those usually tear up both of our stomach's from the sudden overload in iron and other vitamins in which we typically get enough of in a day. I was a little nervous at first that he wouldn't want to eat it because it's healthy and sugar free, but since he is the huge chocolate lover that he is there was no issue with trying them. Once he tried them I did remind him... only One A Day! 

Dan says that the chocolate tasted like ordinary smooth dark chocolate and was good, he couldn't tell that it was boosted with vitamins or that it was free of the unnecessary ingredients. He's not a very descriptive person and is losing his sense of taste, but as we know dark chocolate has a pretty strong taste to it. At the time I didn't think about tasting the chocolate for myself in order to try and give a more descriptive explanation of the taste. Either way, he liked it and finished the whole box. He normally doesn't follow through on things such as taking anything pill form whether it be medications or supplements/vitamins. I didn't have to remind him and when I did ask him if he had one or two for the day he had always ate them before I asked. So if you're looking for a way to get your chocolate loving husband to take his daily multivitamin then I highly suggest Chocolate A Day™! 

A huge plus for both Dan and I is that Chocolate A Day did not cause him any stomach upset as he would usually get from taking a multivitamin or other supplements. 

One of the things that I really liked about Chocolate A Day™ is that it's dairy free and sugar free. Dan is lactose intolerant and lactose intolerance is a rather common intolerance as well as gluten, both of which are not in Chocolate A Day™. I also like that it does not contain coconut oil or anything of the sort, I know it's a healthy ingredient however, Dan as well as our three year old son are both allergic to coconut. It seems as though nearly everything healthy contains coconut oil as well as things that aren't so healthy. 

I would much rather spend the $25 on this box of multivitamin chocolates from Chocolate A Day than a bottle of multivitamin pills that wouldn't be finished in full anyhow.  

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What do you like the most about Chocolate A Day? Who could you get to take their vitamins with this delicious dark Belgian chocolate that is infused with 10 vitamins & minerals? 


  1. Say what?! I'll gladly take a chocolate a day!

  2. I would love to try these - what an awesome idea!

  3. I love chocolate! I would get this for my personal stash in the office :).