Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tea Collection Holiday Party Styles! Check These Out!

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Typically for Christmas and all of the family gatherings and such I try to match Jada, Cade and Ezio's outfits, at least by colors. It's not always easy, especially with Jada being such a girly girl and in such a larger size then the boys. However, at Tea Collections I can always find super adorable outfits for all three children and the whole coordinating thing goes right out the window with how adorable these outfits are for both boys and girls. Here are some outfits I'd choose for my kiddos.

Jada's Holiday Party Outfit.

For Jada's outfit I chose the Winter-Stil Plaid Dress, it is sleeveless and for Jada, that is a great thing! She is such a sweat monster and during Holiday family gatherings it's so hot in the house(s) due to the oven having been on all day and also from all of the people crammed in the house. Not to mention the kids run wild and play the entire evening, so sleeveless is perfect! I also chose the Cotton Dazzling Dot Leggings as Jada absolutely loves leggings. Finally to complete her outfit I chose the Yosi Samra Leather Ballete Flats.

Cade's Holiday Party Outfit!

I know I should have picked a short sleeve shirt for Cade as well. All of my kiddos are sweat monsters, however I typically put a white t-shirt or tank top on the boys under their button up shirts, so I think this outfit would work out great! I chose the Mannheim Plaid Shirt, the Murnau Stripe Sweater and of course I'm a sucker for jeans and chose the Daytripper Jeans. If I remember correctly, I also chose these exact same pair of jeans for a different holiday outfit from Tea Collection, however, now they are on sale! And last, but not least, a handsome pair of Timberland Classic Boots to pull it all together!

Ezio's Holiday Party Outfit! 

For Ezio I chose the Cute Maximillian Shirt, the Schlawiner Zip Front Sweater, Daytripper Twill Pants and Vans SK8 HI Zip Shoes. As much as I'd love for him to have a pair of Timberlands as well, he still drags his feet and scuffs up the toes of his shoes way too much for that. Ezio is a very wild child, so dressing him in more calmer colors is a bit better... other wise you just see blurs of bright colors and may suffer from a headache by the end of the night.

Do you look for anything specific when shopping for Holiday outfits for your kiddo(s)? Do you color coordinate? What do you like from Tea Collection?

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