Sunday, November 23, 2014

Blogger Opp: Holiday Gift Guide Event - OVER $3,000 in Prizes! US/CAN 11/28-12/12

Holiday Gift Guide Event Blogger Sign Up.

Welcome to the Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway Event- This is the Blogger Sign up page for Bloggers only!

Will be open to the US and CANADA!

We'll be giving away a number of things from our gift guide, plus gift Cards!! We have numerous sponsors for this event. Some of the prizes are in the pic above. There will be over $3000 in prizes for this event!

Everyone gets a FREE Twitter Link!
Additional links available:

Facebook Visit $2.50
Facebook comment on any post- $3.50
Pinterest $2.50
Instagram $2.50
YouTube $2.50

Host a follow page on your blog (only 1-2 available) $7
Co Host this event - (All social media links above, Subscribe to blog, Comment on ANY non giveaway blog post, re-tweet a specified tweet) -$15

$25 Paypal to the highest referrer!
Please let them know Mami's 3 Little Monkeys/Sarh Snarski referred you! :)

PLEASE make sure you copy/paste your links so they are correct, I don't have time to chase people down to get correct links.  Thank you! :)

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