Friday, November 7, 2014

Dave's Killer Bread Review

Disclosure: I received the following products in exchange for my honest review, all opinions and experiences are my own and may differ from those of your own. 

About Dave's Killer Bread
Dave's Killer Bread was founded in 1955, Jim Dahl purchased a small neighborhood bakery in Southeast Portland called Midway Bakery. A "pioneer" in sprouted wheat bread-baking, Jim soon found a following for his delicious breads made with whole grains and no animal fats (a rarity at that time). Jim's most successful and well-known product was his Surviva Bread which he developed in the 60's and it was baked up until December of 2012. James and his wife Wanene's first child, Glenn, began to work in the bakery when he was nine years old. Glenn was later joined in the bakery by his sister Linda and brothers Al and Dave. You can read more about Dave's Killer Bread here. 

Dave's Killer Bread Seeds & Ingredients
Dave's Killer Bread is seeded all the way around and all the way through with flax, sesame and sunflower seeds (among many others as well). Don't be surprised to find ingredients like amaranth, barley, spelt, blue cornmeal and pumpkin seeds. 

Every single loaf of Dave's Killer Bread is USDA-Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified. This bread is power-packed with Omega-3's, fiber, protein and whole grains. Your average slice has five grams of protein, which is as much as an egg. The Thin-Sliced varieties are loaded with all the nutrition of their regular deli slices, with nearly half the calories. 

Our Thoughts
Good Seed21 Whole Grains and Seeds Thin-Sliced

We received a loaf of the Good Seed and Thin-Sliced 21 Whole Grains and Seeds. Dave's Killer Breads are full of texture and great taste! We've tried other protein packed breads and they tasted like rubber tires. Dave's Killer Bread on the other hand is so delicious! Whether you just put peanut butter on it, toast it and put butter on it, make your favorite sandwich with it, etc you'll enjoy the bread it's self!
Dan and I greatly enjoyed Dave's Killer Bread, it didn't matter if we just put peanut butter on it or if we made stacked sandwiches. My favorites were peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as well as grilled cheese sandwiches! 

Dave's Killer Bread "grills" up really nice! I got a nice golden brown with each grilled cheese sandwich I made. When making the peanut butter sandwiches, the bread never ripped or flaked. It was very easy to spread the peanut butter and butter across the bread. Every slice was perfect, no dry slices or corners! Perfection, delicious, nutritious "Killer Bread"! 

If there were a store located near us, we would definitely buy Dave's Killer Bread. You can order Dave's Killer Bread online, which we may do. I've always been a fan of bread, but after trying Dave's I haven't liked "plain" wheat bread or white bread quite as much. I've never been one for something that is soft, but also has a texture similar to this bread. It was kind of a weird NEW like for me, and I'm pleased that I tried it and had this opportunity. 

I was excited when I found out that Dave's Killer Bread is VEGAN, because Ezio is allergic to eggs. However, I didn't take into consideration the seeds that are on and through out the bread. Ezio is also allergic to sesame seeds which is in every loaf of Dave's Killer Bread. While his egg allergy is worse then the sesame seed allergy, I didn't want to chance it, especially with the amount and variety of seeds. But this just meant more delicious and healthy bread for mom. I don't really eat healthy, but I always make sure the kids are eating healthy. 

 Connect with Dave's Killer Bread
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  1. I've heard of this brand! I'll have to give this a try!

  2. I never heard of them, looks tasty!

  3. Wow looks good! I've never heard of this before! Would love to try 21 whole grains!

  4. I have to look for this brand. I haven't seen it before.

  5. I LOVE Dave's Killer Bread! My favorite is the Good Seed! I wish my usual grocery store carried it, but I do go out of my way to buy it! The trip is well worth it :)