Monday, July 7, 2014

Willamy Collection - Neopolitan Classic Leather Wrap Bracelet Review & Giveaway! US 7/16

Disclosure: I received a bracelet in exchange for my honest review, all opinions and experiences are 100% my own and may differ from those of your own. I am not responsible for the fulfillment of the prize below. 

 Willamy was launched in 2012 and the brand was created by Los Angeles designer Amy Beth Williams. Amy has had a passion for style and fashion, she began experimenting with jewelry design and handcrafted a crystal leather wrap bracelet. Within just hours of wearing it, several orders were requested and a website went up overnight. Just days later, Amy's bacelets were worn on "Entertainment Tonight" and "The Early Show" by host Nancy O'Dell. Her line expanded to include both mens and kids bracelets and were picked up by a trendy and upscale Beverly Hills boutique. 

Neopolitan Genuine Leather Wrap Bracelet

Neopolitan Genuine Leather Wrap Bracelet ($112ARV) is made with high quality crystal, beads, stones and genuine leather. These wrap bracelets are available in two sizes, 5X which measures approximately 33" - 36" and 3X which measures approximately 19" - 22". Making these bracelets available for women with all different sized wrists. 

I'm not big on pinks, but I loved how the pink, black and silver all come together on this Neopolitan Wrap Bracelet. When I received the bracelet, I like the pink in it even more! 

How to wear a Wrap Bracelet

Simply wrap the wrap bracelet around your wrist until you're left with just the two ends. Place the end with the gem on it through one of the loops of the other tail end. You'll likely still have tails hanging out as I did in the above photo. No worries though, simply pull the gem over to the left and tuck under the bracelet as seen in the photo below.

Then you can simply do the same thing with the other end of the bracelet. Now you no longer have tails of the bracelet handing out all over the place.

I've found this wrap bracelet to actually be really comfortable, half of the time I forget that I am even wearing it. Which to me is a plus, I don't want something that is super heavy and that I can tell that I am wearing all of the time. I haven't had any issues with it around my wrist and typing, I usually don't wear bracelets or watches due to them being uncomfortable or getting in the way while I'm trying to type or do other daily activities. My 8 year old daughter absolutely loves it as well and is always wanting to wear it. I do allow her to wear it sometimes, but I also want to wear it. 

The quality of the bracelet is definitely a higher quality. I have yet to lose any beads and the leather is still fully intact. I wear this bracelet while doing dishes, bathing my children, etc and none of the exposure to water nor the wear and tear this bracelet has gone through has caused any sort of discoloration or tearing to the leather or the beads. 

Willamy has many different color combos for their wrap bracelets available in womens, mens and even childrens. You can even customize the bracelets and add a loved ones name! A personalized bracelet with a new baby's name on it would be the perfect gift for a new mom to be! Or anyone else too. 

 Other Willamy Wrap Bracelets

Kids bracelets come with cute little charms and mens bracelets come with several different shaped and colored wooden beads. 

Twitter @WillamyDesigns

   One lucky reader will win a Wrap Bracelet of their choice (up to $115ARV)! Open to US residents whom are at least 18 years of age. Giveaway will end on July 16th at 11:59pm CST. One winner will be chosen at random, winner's entries will be verified. Winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. Enter through the Giveaway Tools entry form below for your chance to win. 


  1. I like the sunburst in the leather wrap.

  2. I would pick the Areal leather wrap it is so shimmery & shiny.

  3. It's so hard to choose. I like the Eclectic and Antique Blue leather wraps.

  4. I love the Crystal Pearl Suede Watch Wrap!

  5. Wow it was really hard to pick just one, I would love to own any of them... but, I do love pink, so I will choose the Courageous | Leather Wrap Bracelets, so beautiful :D

  6. I like both the Neapolitan and the Malibu leather wraps. And I'd definitely get the 5x size.

  7. I liked both Malibu and Neapolitan. I'd definitely get the 5x size if possible.

  8. I would pick the Antique Blue Suede Watch Wrap, absolutely gorgeous.

  9. I would love to have the Antique Blue Suede bracelet. I love this.

  10. I would choose the Sand Leather Wrap.

  11. It's a hard choice they are all so beautiful. I think I am leaning toward the Metallic Blue Leather Wrap Bracelet.

  12. I love the Woman's Leather Wrap in Cafe Mocha Suede. SO beautiful! I want all of them please! I have an addiction to, I had never heard of these, so thank you for the information!!! Good luck everyone!

  13. I like the Pretty n Pink Watch Wrap and the Fierce Suede Wrap! They are both super cute!

  14. I think I would choose the Metallic Gold Rush Bracelet.