Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lucky Stars Diapers - Blue Hawaii-Inspired Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper Review

Disclosure: I received a diaper in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and experiences are my own and may differ from those of your own. 

 Ashley has been on a mission ever since her daughter showed sensitivity to disposable diapers, her mission was to find the perfect cloth diaper out there to suit her needs. As Ashely researched and dug deeper into the cloth diapering world she realized how many options there are available to us now. She started to realize that these cloth diapers are something she could sew herself and give herself even more options. 

Lucky Stars Diapers are 100% eco-friendly. They offer cloth diapers, mama cloth, nursing pads, diaper bum pants, wet bags, wool dryer balls and more! Your one stop shop to a more natural family. 

Hawaii-Inspired Hybrid Fitted!

Hawaii-Inspired Hybrid Fitted ($35ARV) is constructed with a hidden layer of high quality polyester fleece to act as a water resistant barrier (not waterproof), it is sandwiched between a cute knit outer and a butter soft cotton velour inner that touches baby's bum. Lucky Star's Diapers come with a standard rise as well as a fold down rise for younger/smaller babies, making this a OS - One Size which has an approximate weight recommendation for use of 15lbs to 35+ lbs. 

  All Lucky Stars Diapers come with three lay in soakers, each soaker consists of 2 layers of super heavy organic bamboo fleece and the top soaker is topped with coordinating cotton velour that is the inside lining of the diaper. Having lay in soakers allows you to get the ultimate customization for a maximum protection in the wet zone. No folding long soakers or trying to stretch short soakers all the way to the front for boys. You can lay these soakers where you need them! This also allows for a much quicker and full dry. Also, with lay in soakers that do not have snaps have got to be more comfy for baby rather then having snaps that are poking their bums. Even if the snaps are covered I'm willing to bet they can feel them. Ever wear a pair of jeans with a large button on the back pockets? Sit on a hard surface and those things dig into you! Anyhow, those are just my favorite reasons for having lay in soakers. 

I absolutely love hybrid fitted diapers! They are super breathable which I definitely need for Ezio's sensitive skin. Both the outside and inner layer of the diaper are super soft  and definitely comfy for baby's bum to be in at nap and bedtime. 

 The craftsmanship of this diaper is phenomenal! I'm quite the nit picker and haven't noticed anything wrong with this diaper. Even after being washed and dried many, many times there are no loose threads or anything of the sort. The stitching is nice and straight and even, you can tell that Ashley is either an experienced seamstress or really takes her time with each diaper, or she could definitely be both! The elastic in the legs and back of the diaper are also still securely intact. I've in the past had diapers that the elastic came loose after just the first few washes. Not here!

The pattern used to make Lucky Stars Diapers is designed to be a trim fit, which it most definitely is. Not bulky at all, at least not on Ezio. Ezio is 2 years old, about 3ft tall (finally) and around 32lbs. He most definitely has a ton of room to grow yet in this diaper and there is no doubt in my mind that he'll be able to wear this diaper until he is potty learning. We have a snug, but comfortable fit in both the legs and waist with no red marks left behind. The diaper is turned and top stitched, which I believe gives a more comfortable feel for baby around the legs. 

We love out Hawaii inspired fitted and it is the perfect print for a boy or girl during the summer. Definitely a cute print.

The absorbency of this diaper is phenomenal as well! This has become Ezio's nap time diaper as I can layer the soakers towards the front. Most of our other hybrid fitteds have snap in soakers and even the ones I have made, I made them with the snap in soakers. So they get real bulky in the front from having to fold down the soakers so that they fit nicely inside the diaper. Ezio is a tummy sleeper and I can only imagine this diaper has to be so much more comfortable for him without all of that bulk, but still with great absorbency keeping him dry through out his nap. Ezio naps... usually... about 2-3 hours and he wakes up dry when wearing this diaper. NO leaks and NO horrible ammonia smell because this diaper is nice and breathable! Thank goodness for that!!

I also love the trim fit of this diaper! It's narrow in the crotch, but the soakers still fit nicely inside of the diaper and the diaper is still wide enough to cover all of the important parts and keep any messy episodes inside. I am able to use the snap down rise on this diaper as well as using it with the rise fully "open" or "extended". I am also able to cross over the tabs or leave them uncrossed, it seems to depend on if Ezio is squirming around or not. Both ways he is still comfortable and the diaper isn't too tight or too loose. 

Mommy and baby approved hybrid fitted cloth diaper! Be sure to check out Lucky Stars Diapers and take a look at all of the adorable print options and the other products that Ashley offers! Seriously, I wish there were such adorable cloth nursing pads when I was breastfeeding!

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Visit Lucky Stars Diapers and let me know which print you like most or what product you like the most. 


  1. Love this blue print! I also like that this diaper comes with 3 bamboo inserts!

  2. I want to try cloth diapers, but have no idea where to start. I really like how well made this one seems to be, and I love the print too!

  3. Love the print...I so wish that these cute diapers were available to me when my two were babies! :)