Thursday, July 10, 2014

Deliciously Savvy 1 Year Anniversary! Giveaway #1: Mike's Vertical Grill ($249ARV)! Cont. US 8/10

Deliciously Savvy Is Celebrating Its 1ST Year Anniversary with a Fabulous Assortment Of Giveaways! Starting With Giveaway #1: Mike's Vertical Grill ($249 ARV)

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Mike's Vertical Grill

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Mike's Vertical Grill

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1 Lucky Winner will win a Mike's Vertical Grill!

Whether you are a master griller or just starting out, Mike's Vertical Grill is for you! The secret to this amazing cooking device is it's vertical heating element. Food is placed in a custom grilling basket, which hangs between two charcoal heating columns. This enables your food to be cooked on both sides simultaneously and in half the time of conventional grilling!
As your food cooks, any grease drippings fall into a water basin as the bottom of the grill - virtually eliminating "flare-ups" and excess smoke altogether! Mike's Vertical Grill also has a standard grilling surface at the top, which is ideal for cooking mixed vegetables, corn on the cob, and even toasting buns!

Not only is this a great grill for cooking hamburgers and hot dogs, but it's great for cooking some foods that most people have difficulty cooking on a conventional grill such as fish, steak and chicken!

Best of all, Mike's Vertical Grill is extremely compact making it the ideal choice for tailgating events, beach picnics, camping trips or backyard gathering's.

  • Hot Dogs - 1 minute, 15 seconds
  • Hamburgers - 4 to 6 minutes (depending on size)
  • Chicken Breast - 7 minutes
  • London Broil Steak (1 Inch Thick) - 6 minutes
  • Sears the meats on both sides, while holding in the juices and draining off the fats.
"Ignite your passion for grilling again with my new grill, the Vertical Grill!" 
Mike's Vertical Grill Inventor Mike Esposito
"Inventor Mike Esposito has turned the charcoal grill on its side, literally. Mike's Vertical Grill is a box shaped unit that is filled with burning charcoal and grilled inside of. Yes, I ended that sentence with a preposition. Food is placed into a folding grill basket and inserted into the middle of the box. Charcoal, burning in two columns, heats the food on both sides vertically, much like a toaster on its end. Since this unit grills on both sides simultaneously, the Vertical Grill cuts cooking times in half , without doing any of that annoying flipping." Derrick Rich

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  1. I learned this grill cooks hamburgers in 4 minutes, thats awsome.

  2. I really like that the grills have a water basin at the bottom so you don't have splash or "flare ups". It also looks perfect for tailgating or camping!

  3. I learned that it has a vertical heating element so that is can cook the food from both sides and will cook in half the time. How awesome is that. I love this.

  4. I would like to grill up some nice juicy steaks!

  5. The first thing I would make is some Kansas city sreak burgers.

  6. I learned that you could feed 30 to 40 people using the Vertical Grill. we have potlucks all the time in our gated community, so this would be a good grill to have.

  7. I would love to make some T-Bone Steaks first!

  8. I learned food is placed in a custom grilling basket, which hangs between two charcoal heating columns.

  9. I would love to make some salmon on it first, we love grilled salmon!

  10. I would grill some burgers first.

  11. I really love that with this grill Food Cooks on Both Sides Simultaneously – Takes Half the Time of Conventional Grills, this is so great!

  12. I learned that any grease drippings fall into a water basin at the bottom of the grill, which helps to eliminate flare ups. Nice feature IMO.

  13. This sounds like the ultimate grilling experience and I would love to get this for my husband. What a wonderful way to cook. Rita Spratlen

  14. I would make a combination of meats and vegetables. Corn on the cob too! Rita Spratlen

  15. I learned that with its vertical heating element, food is grilled on both sides at the same time. This reduces cooking time by half or more of a conventional grill.

  16. I learned that they have a custom grilling basket which allows the food to cook on both sides, decreasing cooking time!

  17. The design allows for simultaneous cooking of food on both sides at the same time.

  18. I would love to make some Porter house or T-bone steaks and some baked potatoes, and grilled corn.

  19. That's awesome that it only takes 75-90 seconds to make a hot dog!

  20. I would try out burgers first since those are the easiest! We love to grill (Miriam Matheny)

  21. The vertical grill eliminates flare-ups and smoke