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Bumble Collection - Rachel Roundabout in Royal Ruby Montage, Diaper Bag Review

The Bumble Collection
Disclosure: I received the below bag in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and experiences are 100% our own and may differ from those of your own. 

The Bumble Collection specializes in children's products including diaper bags and other essential family accessories such as lunch bags, picnic baskets and food/beverage coolers. Ever since 1999, The Bumble Collection diaper bags have been featured on pages in magazines and have also been carried on the shoulders of many A-list celebrities. Their products have been placed on the shelves of top retailers from all around the world. The Bumble Collection started with diaper bags and their loyal customers have followed them with their family accessories as their children have grown and their calendars have been filled with family outings, sporting events and day trips away from home. 

In 2009, The Bumble Collection introduced their first lunch bag and were met with an overwhelming amount of requests from their customers to create new styles. Ever since they have expanded their line of family lifestyle accessories such as food/beverage coolers, picnic bags and lunch/snack bags in their Bumble signature prints. These products are both water and stain resistant with the durability to last through many years and countless events out and about with your family.

Over the years, The Bumble Collection has partnered with charitable organizations that focus on giving children in need a better life. Some of the charities that The Bumble Collection has partnered with, include: Horizons for Homeless Children, Angels Above, March of Dimes and the Starlight Children's Foundation.  Their mission is to support and invest in their local communities by creating products that contribute to a healthier world for tomorrow's children .

The Bumble Collection products are made from the finest materials and using an all-natural process without the use of synthetic preservatives as they respect and embrace the value of sustainability and it's effects on the environment.

Rachel Roundabout - Royal Ruby Montage

We received this beautiful Rachel Roundabout in Royal Ruby Montage ($99.99ARV). I love the pattern and colors of the diaper bag, they are bold and beautiful, just like any momma who would be wearing this diaper bag on their shoulder. The Rachel Roundabout also comes in a pretty pink called Sweet Blush Montage as well as a soft blue called Sky Blue Montage. The fashionable print on these three diaper bags was hand designed and is exclusive to The Bumble Collection.

Rachel Roundabout has many storage compartments! I have seriously never seen or used a diaper bag with so many compartments while still being SO roomy! This is a great diaper bag for any mom of multiples as well as first time moms. You can fit all of your baby or toddlers necessities in this one bag! 

  • Water & Stain Resistant
  • Comfort Handle Straps
  • Built-in Stroller Straps
  • Top Zipper Closure for added security
  • Soil-Proof Changing Pad
  • Generous Main Compartment
  • Bumble's Own Proprietary Wipeable Fabric

Multiple Pockets Include:
  • Two interior elastic top bottle pockets 
  • Two spacious front/back compartments
  • Exterior cell phone pocket 
  • Two exterior bottle pockets
  • Interior hidden zipper pocket 
  • Two interior flat pockets for diapers and wipes

A day out with my TWO boys and ONE diaper bag!

So as most of you may know, Cade is now potty learning and doing amazing! He just needs his pull-ups at nap and bedtime. He has also overcome his fear of public restrooms. Meaning! I no longer have to pack diapers for two, nor do I need to pack pull-ups for Cade anymore unless I feel it would be on the safe side. I usually have at least 1 pull up int he diaper bag at all times, just in case! 

Anyhow, so what do we pack into our diaper bag?
Most importantly with two active boys we need a change of clothes for both of them! As well as two light spring jackets as we live on the lake and usually when I head out with them, we never really know where we are going to end up or how the weather will change while we are out and about. And then my favorite! Our cloth diapers! I fit six stuffed Tidy Tots cloth diapers in this diaper bag with them standing up and going across the width! I could probably fit like 3 days worth of diapers in this diaper bag! Seriously, Ezio will not use all 6 of these diapers in a 10 hour period of time, but I always over pack, you never know. I also have 6 cloth wipes and my travel wipe spritzer in here. One thing I love about using cloth wipes is that they take up so much LESS room then disposables, even disposables in a travel case you have to account for the space it takes up. There was still TONS of room in this large and generously sized pocket for toys and snacks or whatever else. 

I absolutely love how generously sized and DEEP the inside elastic topped cup/bottler holder pockets are! Most diaper bags we've tried I end up not using these pockets because they are short and really tight as if they were only designed for really skinny baby bottles. It's pretty rare to find a diaper bag with pockets large enough for Tommee Tippee sippy cups, but this Rachel Roundabout definitely has them! 

In one of the outside pockets I put our little first aid kid with bandaids, ace bandages, triple antibiotic ointment and some other little things we may need. Again, with having a preschooler and toddler boys I need to be prepared for anything. Our umbrella fits really nicely in the outside bottle pocket and then I put my soda bottle in the other outside bottle pocket. Our double stroller doesn't have cup holders, only for the kids... and for some reason they get THREE! Oh well, my new diaper bag has come to my rescue yet again. 

In all honesty, there are so many pockets and so much room in this diaper bag I really, honestly, had a hard time FILLING them all! I kept looking around the house for more things that I might possibly take with us somewhere... it wasn't an easy task. However, having a ton of extra room in this diaper bag is so much better then some of the other diaper bags I've used over the past 8 years. I really rather have too much room then having stuff exploding out of the diaper bag. 

The durability, water and stain resistance of this diaper bag is perfect! While it does clip onto the stroller with it's built-in stroller straps, it still gets placed on the floor, both inside and out doors. Also, I'm sure I'm not the only one, but when my diaper bag is placed on the floor and I need something from it, I almost always drag it over instead of picking it up. So far, I see no wear or tears on the bottom, sides or anywhere on this diaper bag! 

Another thing I love about the built-in stroller straps, I can clip my wet bag on one of the straps so I don't have to put it inside of the diaper bag with the clean clothing, clean diapers and possibly toys or food. While all of my wet bags zipper and have yet to leak, I still hate to take the chance. 

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What bag and/or print/color do you like most from The Bumble Collection?  


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  4. Adorable design. Love the two interior elastic top bottle pockets, makes it so easy & places for diapers & wipes. Perfect

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  13. I would choose the Royal Ruby Montage.

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