Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Everything Doormats - Colorable Unique FoFlor Outer Space Rug Review

Disclosure: We received a mat in exchange for our honest review, all opinions and experiences are our own and may differ from those of your own. 

Everything Doormats is your one stop shop for door mats, whether you're looking for entrance welcome mats, seasonal and holiday door mats, kitchen floor and anti-fatigue mats, business entry mats and even industrial runner mats, this is your place to be! You can even get personalized logo mats, sports team mats, rugs and carpet tiles. Your door mat from Everything Doormats will make a stellar first impression on everyone who visits your home or business. Everyday Doormats works hard to provide you with the highest quality products as well as the best prices. 

Colorable Unique FoFlor Outer Space Rug

We received this awesome Colorable Unique FoFlor Outer Space Rug ($47.99ARV) from Everything Doormats. This mat is designed specifically to be colored with washable marker, but is also a fully functional doormat. You can machine wash this doormat and hang dry it. Then the kids can have fun and color it all over again! 

  • Permanently dyed and fade resistant Polyester top surface
  • Will fit just about anywhere with its low profile
  • "Memory" rubber backing that will lay flat even after being rolled or folded.
  • No-slip Rubber backing that will grip most surfaces for added stability
  • Machine Washable makes care simple
  • Can reuse your mat any time the kids want a fun coloring activity
  • Keeps your kids drawings off the walls and floors and on your washable mat instead
  • Manufactured right here in the USA

  • The kids had a blast coloring their Outer Space Doormat! 

    They all chose one large item to color each. Jada chose the Rocket Ship, Cade chose the Astronaut, Ezio chose the Spaceship with the Alien inside of it and I colored the Alien by himself. 

    They all colored very nicely on their chosen images. Even the baby, Ezio (2 years old) colored very nicely on his own spaceship only. He usually loves to color where everyone else is, so this was a nice activity for all of us. The doormat is very easy to color, the markers didn't smudge across the surface and you don't have to press hard for the markers to show up on the mat. We just used Washable Crayola Markers. 

    TADA! Their finished mat! 

    Everyone colored a couple of the smaller images on the background and then Jada tried to get the boys to nicely color the background as well, which is when things went crazy. I love how our doormat turned out! However, I can't decide if I want this to be a doormat for our home or let the kids have the doormat at their bedroom door. I'd love to have it at the front door so that everyone can see their beautiful work, but I'd also like it at their bedroom door as it is theirs and they colored the majority of it together very nicely. 

    This mat is great! It is easy to color and machine washable. It also have a slip-resistant rubber back so that it wont slide around and no one will slip and get hurt on it. Also, with the top being polyester it shouldn't stain if something gets spilled on it. It's fun for the kids and a great activity for them to do together. 

    When we are ready to recolor this mat, I will wash it and post updated photos of how well it washes. 

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    Have you ever colored a Doormat before? What doormat from Everything Doormats would you love to have? 


    1. I have never colored a doormat before or even heard of coloring one before now! I love the Kitchen Tools Recycled Rubber MatMates™ Welcome Floor Mat! It would look so perfect in my kitchen! Thanks for the honest review, I hope it washes well for you! lol

    2. I like the Flip Flop Doormat. Very cute for the summer!

    3. That coloring mat turned out so cute! It looks like they had lots of fun too! I like how it will lay flat after being rolled up, as bumpy floor mats is a pet peeve of mine. Thanks for sharing this review!


    4. I like the Green & Red Holiday Colors Hand Made in US Rope Welcome Mat. What a fun project to do with the kids.

    5. I would choose the FoFlor Argana Star Rug Doormat if I won the giveaway.

    6. I love the idea of coloring the idea of coloring a floor mat! I would have never thought of it. If I were to win I would love the Colorable Unique FoFlor Under the Sea Rug.

    7. I really like the Colorable Unique FoFlor Under The Sea Rug. My kids would absolutely love coloring this, and they would be SO proud to see it in front of the door!

    8. I liked so many of the rugs on the site. The FoFlor Sonic Bloom Rug - Doormat, Runner, Area caught my eye.

    9. I would choose the Beachcomber Photo Rug.

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