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Fairhaven Health's DreamBelly Natural Butter & Stretch Mark Cream Value Pack (ARV $29.95) US/CAN 6/1

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About Fairhaven Health
Fairhaven Health's mission is to develop products designed to safely and naturally help promote fertility, pregnancy wellness and breastfeeding success. For years now, they have been achieving this very important goal. All the way from preconception through pregnancy and nursing, Fairhaven Health will be there, every step of the way, to help provide clinically proven products to help you along your joyous journey to parenthood. Fairhaven Health is a trusted leader int he field of reproductive health and their products are cooperatively developed and formulated by a diverse panel of medical experts. Among these experts are doctors, ObGyns, nutritionists and naturopaths. They most importantly care about product effectiveness and quality. Fairhaven Health's product lines follow the natural progression from preconception to pregnancy and nursing.

About DreamBelly 
DreamBelly Stretch Mark Value Pack includes DreamBelly Stretch Mark Butter and DreamBelly Stretch Mark Cream, both are specially formulated for the unique dermatological needs of pregnant women. These two products are perfect for growing bellies during pregnancy as well as for toning skin after child birth. DreamBelly Stretch Mark Body Butter and Cream provide deep moisturizing from natural butters and oils with out the greasy, slippery feeling. Being that these products are plant-derived the antioxidants and nutrients from them help protect the skin. 
DreamBelly Stretch Mark Body Butter and Cream are FREE of petroleum products, parabens, artificial colors and they do not contain any animal products. 
 Why most women develop stretch marks during pregnancy?
The dramatic hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy impact the ability of the dermis (middle layer of the skin) to form collagen and elastin fibers, which in turn makes it difficult for our skin skin to maintain its resiliency. When the skin is forced to stretch during pregnancy, in response to the rapid weight gain which is part of a healthy pregnancy, it is unable to do so without tearing. These little tears that occur in our skin cause stretch marks, over time those red and purple lines will gradually fade to white or silver over time. 

How can you prevent or limit stretch marks? 
If you keep your skin moisturized and nourished throughout your pregnancy you can help to prevent stretch marks from forming. Drinking lots of water during your pregnancy not only helps to keep you hydrated and healthy, but also helps moisturize your skin and retains the elastin in your skin. Yhere are also two great options for protecting your skin as it stretches to accommodate your growing belly, Fairhaven Health offers the DreamBelly Value Pack, which combines two of the most popular products for stretch mark prevention, DreamBelly Stretch Mark Butter and DreamBelly Stretch Mark Cream. You can use these products day and night throughout your pregnancy to naturally and safely prevent stretch marks and to tone and regenerate your skin after childbirth. 

DreamBelly Stretch Mark Value Pack

The DreamBelly StretchMark Value Pack includes a 4oz. tub of the DreamBelly Stretch Mark Butter as well as a 4oz. tube of DreamBelly Stretch Mark Cream. 

DreamBelly Butter   

DreamBelly Stretch Mark Butter has a thick and luxurious texture with a gentle scent of milk and honey. This body butter combines natural plant-derived butters and oils for deep moisturizing along with antioxidants from grapefruit and rosehip oil to heal, soothe and revitalize strained skin. This non-greasy butter can be used anytime of day and is ideal for nighttime moisturizing due to it's consistency. 

I'm not a fan of lotions, but I love body butters! Usually I do not notice any benefits from body butters, but the DreamBelly Butter really helped moisturize my skin. While I am not currently pregnant, I am a mother of three. All three of my children were big babies and with my first I gained a lot of weight in the beginning of my pregnancy. I have stretch marks on my stomach, lower back, sides, butt, thighs, calves, boobs and by my armpits/shoulder areas. I did not drink as much water as I should have while pregnant with my daughter, plus I gained about 80lbs during the pregnancy so I'm pretty sure I would have developed stretch marks either way. As my oldest is now 7yrs old, I was using a different stretch mark cream that was popular at the time and I honestly don't think that one worked in the slightest bit. With my two sons' I only developed maybe 2 additional stretch marks, I didn't gain as much weight during those pregnancies, I was working full time and drinking lots of water.

Fairhaven Health advises that you apply DreamBelly Cream before you get dressed to help maintain skin elasticity for hours. 

I've noticed my stretch marks have lightened up a bit more since using the DreamBelly Butter and DreamBelly Cream. I love the light scent of both, not overwhelmingly strong, but noticeable. Both of these products being non-greasy is definitely a plus.

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