Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wordless Wednesday!!

My randomness with my DIY babywearing wrap!

My braided, not yet hemmed nor dyed yet wrap hanging on my old cracked and chipped paint back door. I had hung my wrap on my back door real quick while I ran down to change my laundry loads before going out back with the kids and Dan and I absolutely loved how the wrap looked against the back door. 

My handsome birthday boy, okay his birthday is still two and a half weeks away, blowing his dandelions, all the white puffy ones were already picked and blown away. He held onto his dandelions while I wrapped him, he wasn't letting go of them. 

I love random photos....


Please escuse my messy stove, Jedilynn who is 7 years old helped make most of dinner! Okay, I'll admit, I did make quite a mess and most of the stove around the pot of prefolds is soaked because I under estimated how many air pockets would be trapped between the prefolds. HINT: There will be a review and giveaway coming up for these prefolds!! 

The robins have since rebuilt their nest here, will have to update with their now perfect nest instead of the falling apart one from last year.

What does this photo look like? The wet spot! I think it looks like a wolf or dogs head with the screw as the eye, Dan says it doesn't look like anything. 

I think that is all of my randomness for today! :)


  1. Great post...I would love the recipe for your casserole !!! Looks good :)

    1. Thank you Tiffany! I will try to remember to measure the ingredients next time, I sort of the pour and toss in til it looks good. ;)