Friday, May 31, 2013

SinkMagic Water Saver Review & Giveaway US/CAN 6/14

About SinkMagic
SinkMagic™ is a new innovative device, it is a portable sink water diverter. SinkMagic efficiently shortens dish washing time with the same or even cleaner results! Saving you time and money, which is always a great thing!

Benefits to using SinkMagic?
SinkMagic shortens your dish washing time without compromising the quality of cleanliness to your dishes. It allows you to soak your dishes when you do not have time to wash them immediately, thus helping to soften the stuck on food for shorter washing time when you return to wash your dishes. Do you have a leaking sink faucet? Place the SinkMagic in your sink and collect all of that fresh water that drips out of the faucet through out the day, since the water dripping is clean you can then full the sink the rest of the way when it comes time to wash dishes. Sick of seeing piles of dishes on your counter, but you don't have time to wash them right away? Soak them in the sink with SinkMagic. Ever fill the sink to soak those large pots and pans, but then when you go to put the pots and pans into the sink it over flows? Avoid over flows with SinkMagic!! No more wet floors or counter tops, plus you also get to soak them easier! Fast and easy sink clean-up after you've finished washing your dishes! You will reduce the amount of water you use as well as the amount of time dish washing usually takes. 

Sink Magic Review

Sink Magic comes in three parts that easily connect together and also easily disconnect. Super easy "assembly" that anyone can do. Once your connected all three parts, then you push the plug, big round part, into your drain and start filling your sink. 

 As the sink was filling up I started to add dishes, you can wait until your sink is full though as with the SinkMagic your sink will not over flow because of the little slats at the very top, which help drain the excess water. 

 I have nearly all of our plates (that we own) in the sink. I still have the water running even though I have never allowed my sink to fill up this much other wise my floor becomes soaking wet from the over flow. I probably could have continued to run the water while washing the dishes with out having over flow, but that would have made the money saving aspect of the SinkMagic fly out the window. 

Usually when washing dishes I just wash under the running water with out soaking or anything like that. I left these dishes soak for about an hour while doing other things. I was pretty surprised to see that most of the food particles and other gunk was not sitting on top of the water. The little bit that was remaining was easily removed through the slats in the SinkMagic, all I did was gently push down a bit on it and the gunky water drained through the slats with out having to drain all of the water and then having to refill the sink. Saving time and money! As a mother of three children, two of them being toddlers this is a huge advantage for me! Thankfully my water was still warm allowing me to just wash in the already soapy water in the sink. I didn't have to really scrub any of the dishes even though some of them were from the night before! I wash able to wash them in the sink which was full to the rim with out any water on my counter or floor. Everything washed right off with ease.

 Clean dishes, super quick and probably the least amount of water used at least that I've ever used to wash dishes, which is thanks to the Eco-Friendly benefit of SinkMagic, which helps you save at least 40 gallons of water in one day. I was very pleased with the results of using SinkMagic. 

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SinkMagic would like to offer one lucky reader a SinkMagic for their own home! This giveaway is open to US/CAN residents who are 18y+ and will end on 6/14. Simply enter through the Rafflecopter form below. 

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Disclaimer: I received a SinkMagic in exchange for my honest opinions, I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions and experiences above are solely my own and may be deifferent from those of your own.  


  1. I like they are eco friendly and when you use sinkmagic water won't overflow in sink.


  3. I like that you can save at least 40 gallons per day. lexbaylor17 (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. Saves time (good for me), saves water (good for environment and wallet) is easy to use!

  5. Saves time, money and water. :)