Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Monster High Inspired Tutu Dress from Monkey Tutus Review & Giveaway! US

Monkey Tutus makes makes beautiful short petti tutus and long flower girl style dresses and all sizes in between! Custom made tutus with a large variety of colors and styles to choose from. Along with coordinating accessories including a matching headband with a matching flower clip, a puff wand and matching arm or wrist cuffs and also a set of fairy wings.
Monkey Tutus can make matching tutu skirts for your little princess's favorite pal, whether it is a teddy bear or a doll. Now they even do bottle cap images in their flower/bow or your little princess can wear the bottle cap as a necklace!
All of Monkey Tutus dress tops are lined with a nude color along the inside of the front panel. Don't worry! Even as the top stretches and the holes get larger, the tops are not see through and the fabric is sewn on in a manor that leaves room in the fabric for it to stretch with the top as your child gets older.
There are MANY options for sizing! From the size your child wears, the length of which you would like the tutu to different recommended lengths for different styles/character inspired tutus. See Sizing Chart for more info.

Monster High's Draculaura Inspired Tutu Dress!

Jedilynn received the Draculaura, black and pink Monster High Inspired tutu dress from Monkey Tutus. The tutu came with a matching crocheted headband, bottle cap flower clip, a bottle cap with Draculaura on it in the top middle of the top part of the dress and a bottle cap necklace.

Jedilynn absolutely loves this! She would wear it all day, everyday if I allowed her to. When we first received it, she knew right away that this was going to be the dress that she would wear to her annual school dance. We went out on a limb for Halloween and bought her a Draculaura costume, which thankfully she loved! That costume was NO wheres near as cool as this tutu dress!! In all honesty!! 

Each stripe on the tutu is two layers of tulle doubled/folded over making four total layers per stripe. I love that they are four layers each because then even the pink stripes are not see through. As stated about, the top part of the dress is stretchy and has a sewn in piece of nude colored super soft fabric. This was great because when she pulled up the dress and the top holes started to stretch you could not see any of her skin other then her back. Her only comment about the top part of the dress was that she wished the fabric went all the way around the inside because the back was a little itchy. Once she arrived at her school dance she didn't even notice the "itchy" back of the dress. Her and I both are super sensitive to the touch, we can not wear certain materials most people are perfectly fine with and do not think they are itchy. The black ribbon going down the front of the tutu is adjustable. The black ribbon at the top of the tutu is to tie around the back of her neck, sort of like a halter top style to help keep the front of the tutu from sliding down. It did not slide down at all, until she started running, jumping and dancing at her school dance, even then it didn't slide down much.

The puff wand is black and pink zebra print tulle with black and pink ribbons hanging down and is attached to a stick. Very well made! I will still keep it away from her brothers though as you never know what two toddler boys are capable of ruining until it is too late. 
Jedilynn wears her Monster High bottle cap necklace and flower hair clip almost every day to school, she is a girly girl though so it often depends on what color clothing she is wearing. I swear she is 7 going on 16! 

Gotta love the attitude in the top right photo, all I wanted was a photo of her at her school dance... Apparently I was interrupting her call to grandma! Oh, the joys of being Mom! 

Connect with Monkey Tutus!
Visit MonkeyTutus.com, Etsy shop, Facebook and Pinterest to check out all the other absolutely adorable tutu dresses! The baby girl, Tammy's daughter is absolutely beautiful, she sure has a super cute model!

Monkey Tutus is offering THIS to one lucky winner!!
This beautiful Bumble Bee Tutu Dress will fit about 4T to size 8!

Disclaimer: I was sent the above items in exchange for my honest review!  



  1. How gorgeous these tutus are...When my 4 year old saw this page she was like, I want it! So of course I entered in hopes for her. Keep up the wonderful work because they are gorgeous.

  2. Absolutely beautiful tutu and child!!! Love the fact that these are not super itchy....I know that is a complaint with a lot of tutus. Very professional looking tutu! Melissa Isaac

  3. These are so cute. It is great how little girls like to dress up to be a princesses. Using their imagination is a wonderful thing.

  4. These are so cute. my lil niece would look so adorable in this. Its a wonderful thing to be able to dress up and use your imagination.