Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Little Legs Review & $25 GC Giveaway! US 3/1

How My Little Legs Began!
My Little Legs was created by Danielle and Julia in a spare bedroom, they quickly upgraded to a "Florida Room", which is like a sunroom. They soon had to expand to the garage. Their garage stay lasted 6 months until they were large enough to get their own office space! They still operate by starting small and growing with the business. They do everything they can do to save money so then they can pass those savings on to their customers! How awesome!? They work extra hard to help YOU, the customer, save MORE!

My Little Legs Products, MORE then just leg warmers!
I know of My Little Legs as... of course a leg warmer company, but they have expanded into other product lines including hair bows, hats, bibs and blankets! Even more things to come. They love introducing funky, vibrant colors into their collection and soft, classic baby looks too. Both Danielle and Julia have a child each, so they know the importance of finding the best quality materials for their customers. They strive to make the highest quality items and bring them to other parents at affordable prices. 

Our My Little Legs Products.
We received a crocheted Sock Monkey Hat, 4 Heart hair bows, 2 St. Patty's Day corker bows and a pair of super cute St. Patty's Day Leg warmers. 

Jedilynn was so excited when we opened our package from My Little Legs and tried both style bows on right away! I know I took a picture, but can't find it! How did I loose a digital photo? Your guess is as good as mine! But I will retake the photos and update this post with in the next week. Jedilynn wore 2 of the heart clips to school for her class Valentine's Day Party and wants to wear the St. Patty's Day corker bows either the Friday before or the Monday after St. Patty's Day since it falls on a Sunday this year. Who knows, she will probably wear them both days and all weekend. She loves hair bows!!

Cade (2 years old) absolutely LOVES hats! Any hat, even one of Ezio's hats which is too small for both of the boys. Cade has been wearing this Sock Monkey hat since we received it. Anytime we are getting ready to leave the house he tells us, "Put mine monkey hat on now!" I'm sure he will be wearing his hats through the summer as well. The only thing is that the hat is made of lighter weight yarn then your typical crocheted hat, but thankfully that just means he wont become so sweaty, come this summer. Cade also likes wearing the leg warmers as arm warmers, which is perfectly fine and a second use for them.

Ezio (14 months old) loves to crawl and now WALK around the house in just his diaper. He is your typical rough house boys who prefers NO clothing! Other then the diaper, which mami says is a MUST! He has slight eczema and his knees get pretty tore up crawling around. He is finally walking, but he still crawls quite a bit, especially if something is in his way and he still waddles like a penguin. Too cute! So the leg warmers are perfect for protecting his little knees and shins. The only issue is that he has HUGE THUNDER THIGHS so the leg warmers don't stay up on his thighs, they still serve their purpose and protect his knees. When they roll up with his thighs rolls or slide down to just above the knee, the leg warmers seem to bother me more then they bother him. The leg warmers are also nice right now with him loving to be in just a diaper as we are in Wisconsin and our winters are pretty cold so they help keep his legs warm. Double purpose with these awesome things!

I LOVE the color green so all of the St. Patty's Day products are my favorite. Everything we received from My Little Legs is well made. My children are NOT at ALL easy or gentle on their belongs, but My Little Legs products are holding up to the wrath of my three monkeys!

Danielle and Julia LOVE their customers! So Connect with them!
Check out all of their awesome and super cute products at, join their newsletter for updates and other fun things. They actively engage with their customers, ask your opinion on their products and interacting with the customers daily on Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter @MyLittleLegs. They believe their customers are part of their team and treat them like it!

How would you like to win a $25 Gift Certificate to My Little Legs to pick out absolutely adorable accessories for your little one?! Well you definitely can enter to win through:

Giveaway is open to US residents at least 18 years old. There are also tons of other great prizes you could WIN! So Good Luck!

Disclaimer: I received the above items in exchange for my honest and original review! All opinions are my own and my differ from those of your own or others. 

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