Saturday, February 9, 2013

Light Wisconsin Winter (Photos)

Wisconsin usually gets an average of 46.9" of snow over about a 30 day period through out our winter months. We received about 5" of snow yesterday, which is the largest snow fall we have had this winter. I'm used to getting about double that in 24-48 hours! However, I was more then happy with the 5" opposed to the barely 1-2" we have received previously this winter. Has not snowed anything like it used to when I was younger. 
We did get nice heavy packing snow... nice for playing in the snow and building snow men, but NOT for shoveling. Cade is loving all of this snow and wants to make a snow man, which we will hopefully be able to do tomorrow, today was Jada's school dance so we were unable to go play in the snow. 
I LOVE to take photos of my children, the snow, nature, abandoned barns, farms/farm houses, etc! So I thought I'd share a few of my photos from today with you. I am by no means a photographer. ;)

I will have to try and capture a photo of the birds flying in and out of this tree and share with you all. This tree is in our front yard and since it has snowed, I love standing on the front porch watching and listening to the birds even through the winter and watching them fly in and out of the trees. Especially this tree as I can usually see them peeking their heads out of the tree.

This is a photo looking into the park about a half mile from our home.

This is the front of Jada's school as we arrived for her school dance.

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  1. 46+ inches of snow!! We come to a screeching halt in my part of NC when an inch, maybe less, falls on the ground! Ppl go into panic mode at the mere mention of the word! These pics make me wish we had more, just beautiful!