Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wigglo Pet created and handmade by Maya Grace! Review and Giveaway!

M n M Inspiration is an Etsy Shop with handmade items by two sisters, Madison (13 years old) and Maya Grace (9 years old). Both artists with entrepreneurial spirits, the sisters have learned that making high quality and interesting crafts can draw the attention of others and allow them to build their businesses as well as their brands.

Madison and Maya Grace donate a portion of every sale to the charity that Madison created, Kidz for a Cure, where she raises funds for pediatric cancer research, having raised over $18,000 so far!

It's a WIGGLO PET!!! 
Wigglo Pets are the creation of 9 year old Maya Grace, who wanted to create a toy that was interactive without batteries or a screen and that also required you to use your imagination and creativity! The Wigglo Pet is so incredible, it responds to your touch!! 

Want to see how Wigglo Pets work? Check out this video from Maya Grace. 

Looking for a pet that has:
  • NO upkeep!
  • NO food to buy for it!
  • Does NOT tear up your furniture when your not home!
  • NO worries about food and water!
  • NO noisy pet barking at night
  • ETC! I could go on and on! 
Jedilynn and Cade LOVE their Wigglo Pet. They have never seen one before so it was a pretty funny experience for me, showing them how the Wigglo Pet moves when you pet it. My mom seemed quite excited when I showed it to her as well, I believe I had something similar to the Wigglo Pet when I was a child, but I have not seen anything similar, until the awesome, Wigglo Pet! 

I love that the Wigglo Pet works whether it is in your hand, on your lap, on a table, etc! Wigglo Pets are perfect for car rides! No car anxiety in these awesome pets! 

When you order your Wigglo Pet you will receive a Wigglo Pet and Junior Pet! I really like the Junior Pets, they look like little hamsters. You also have the choice of which pattern you would like: Tiger, Neon Tiger and Dog/Cow. 

Also, be sure to check out Maya Grace's sister, Madison's Wish Bracelets! Wish Bracelets are based on the Universal Law of Attraction. Each one is handmade with either five or seven beads with colors the wearer chooses. The bracelet comes with a card explaining how it works: "You hold the Wish Bracelet in your hand for 30 to 60 seconds while thinking of what it is you want in life. Then have someone tie it on securely. Then, you wait. By the time your Wish Bracelet falls off, you should have your wish or be closer to it. It's not magic. It's a "reminder". Every time you fiddle with the bracelet, every time you look at it, every time you are asked about it, that brings your wish back to the front of your mind, and allows you to continue to act in the way and move in the direction that will bring your wish to fruition."

So visit M n M Inspirations and get your maintenance free Wigglo Pets and/or a Wish Bracelet! You can also follow them on Facebook to receive updates and hear about cool events the sisters are attending/partnering with. You can also find them on Fiverr and Youtube!

One lucky winner will win their own Wigglo Pet!
Must be a US resident and 18 years old!


Disclosure: I received the Wigglo Pet for free in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Very cool that a 9 year old created these. Much like a puppet, and perfect for younger children because they learn through play.

  2. These are really cute and I am impressed that a 9 year old and a 13 year old are the creators!! I also like the fact they donate to pediatric cancer....very sweet of them! I know my son would just love this toy!! Melissa Isaac

  3. These are such fun toys / pets. We have the kids make the in school.

  4. these are so cute looks like this would be so fun to play with my little niece with she would just enjoy this.

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