Thursday, January 7, 2016

Harry & David Royal Riviera Pears 5lb Box ONLY $19.99 PLUS FREE SHIPPING!!

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Harry & David Royal Riviera Pears & End of Season Sale! 

Have you had the pleasure of try a Harry & David Royal Riviera Pear?! They are truly amazing! If you've ever had a Hawaiian Pineapple, literally FROM Hawaii you know how delicious and mouth watering those are compared to other pineapples correct? Well, it's basically the same comparison with a Royal Riviera Pear compared to a "regular" pear you can purchase at the grocery store. I didn't know there were amazing pears like the Royal Pears until my mom bought some and let me try them. 

5 lbs of Our Famous Royal Riviera Pears: Only $19.99 with Free Shipping! Exp. 1/7

Save up to 50% off on our End of Season Sale (12/23-TBD) 

Have you tried Harry & David's Royal Riviera Pears? If not, now is the perfect time with this great offer!

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