Thursday, January 14, 2016

Everything Doormats: Medallion Boot Tray in Antique Copper Review

Disclosure: We received the below products in exchange for our honest review. All opinions and experiences are our own. 

Everything Doormats began with a simple idea of selling products online through eBay. They sold an assortment of items through their small eBay enterprise, which attracted many customers and showed promising growth. As they started to increase the number of people they had served they knew that they had something great. So they decided to build upon it. In March of 2011, they grew from a small personal venture on eBay to an established business. N&W Sales LLC is now doing business as Everything Doormats

Medallion Boot Try - Antique Copper
Medallion Boot or Plant Tray - Zinc

We received a wonderful Medallion Boot Tray in Antique Copper ($40ARV), it measures 34" long by 14" wide and 2" deep.  This Medallion Antique Copper Boot Tray is manufactured to a high standard using galvanized iron with an Antique Copper finish. The tray is 2 inches deep making it great for use during winter and rainy seasons as the tray is more than deep enough to contain all of the water running off your shoes as well as the snow as it melts. This tray also performs well as a plant tray for your potted plants. The depth helps hold in any water that your plant may not have soaked up as well as catching any potting soil.

As we live in Wisconsin and winter is upon us this boot tray is very important for our home. We have all hardwood flooring through out the house, minus linoleum in the kitchen and bathroom. With five us and all of our shoes and boots we need to keep as much snow, rain, dirt and especially salt off of our floors. In previous years we didn't have a boot tray and the front entry way is rather rough now. The salt as well as all of the traffic in and out has stripped the hardwood floor of it's protective coating. With this boot tray I have not noticed any further damage to our hardwood floors which is a huge plus. Especially since we are renters, eek! 

Surprisingly, Dan's giant size 14 shoes fit perfectly in the boot tray! Not pictured, but we can fit one pair of shoes for all 5 of us in this boot tray, I just have to put Ezio's shoes side ways above Cade's (the red pair). Sadly, Dan's size 14 steel toe work boots do not fit flat on the boot tray, but I've discovered that even putting them in the tray with the toes on the top lip help to protect our floor. 

I have definitely noticed less dirt and debris across the house since winter has hit and we all take our shoes off at the front door. This is wonderful because my goodness, prior I could sweep the house twice a day and still get a decent sized pile of dirt and debris, it was pretty irritating. So I think stating I'm very satisfied with all aspects of this boot tray is an understatement. 

I love Everything Doormats products! We've previously tried out their Unique Colorable Outer Space Rug and that is still washing clean and the kids enjoy coloring it as often as it needs to be washed. They offer so many different doormats, boot trays, rugs, etc. that there are still so many products I would love to try! 

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