Friday, October 18, 2013

Zulily Holiday Outfits

Create the perfect holiday outfit for your child with the top notch styles on zulily! Do you do matching outfits for holiday photos, a certain color scheme or just different outfits and colors that you like? The past three years I have done matching outfits for our three kids. However, I'd like to do something a bit different this year! They don't have to match and in fact I want to try and avoid matching, but I can't decide if I want to do a color scheme (which doesn't mean they all have to wear the same exact colors) or just outfits that are cute on them individually.

Here what I found on zulily that I would love to put the kids in for the upcoming holidays.

For the boys, I'd love either of these sets.



We are not a fancy fancy family, I like to try and keep the kids comfortable while being dressed nicely. While we don't dress up a ton, we also don't do sweats. Jeans and a cute shirt or blouse or button up for the boys. I love that the above outfits are three pieces each, especially because they have a short and long sleeve shirts. These come in handy because houses get so warm from the oven being on all day cooking up the delicious meal your all about to sit down and enjoy. A hot and cranky toddler or baby is just not a good thing for a holiday dinner. This is why comfort is my top priority.

For Jedilynn, I really like this outfit, while it wouldn't exactly "fit in" with the outfits the boys would wear, it is still adorable.

This outfit may be more so a Christmas outfit. I think the dress below is more so fall colors and would be better for Thanksgiving. I know Jedilynn would love to wear both, no matter what the occasion were to be.

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What holiday outfits would you choose for your children from zulily? 

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