Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fun Pool Activities That Lead to a Healthy Life Style

 Fun Pool Activities That Lead to a Healthy Life Style

Swimming is not the only thing you can do in a pool. There are other refreshing and enjoyable activities you could do to quench that summer thirst. And oh boy! Not only are they fun, but can also build you a healthier lifestyle.
As if swimming alone isn’t enough for a good exercise, recently, there has been a continual rise of used-to-be-just-land past times that have turned aquatic too. And not just talking about just games here, but fitness workouts and therapy as well.
Water is a good healing medium as recommended by doctors. Working out on water reduces chances of injury since it supports most of your weight. Underwater therapies sprouted rapidly and are patronized by most celebrities and globally renowned athletes of today.
To see and feel for yourselves, here’s a quick roundup of what you can try even if it’s not summer:
  1. Water Polo
Care for a game of Polo? Well, despite its name being relatively close to that of an equestrian polo, a customary game played on horse usually by uptown socialite members of exclusive clubs, Water Polo highly resembles a team handball more than anything, but on water. It’s fairly a combination of soccer, rugby, wrestling and something like American football, all fused together. It even made its way to the glorious Olympics, played by men and women in respective divisions. You can do a lot of swimming or treading on water and throwing too. This requires teamwork which means you don’t just build strength or muscles, but also friendships. This is an active game for swimming enthusiasts to enjoy.
  1. Pool Aerobics
Burn extra calories by participating in aerobics at your pool! It’ll cut down the fats without feeling sweaty all over. Since water offers a lot of resistance, this means double the muscle and energy to be used up. Increasing cardio intensity compared to ordinary workouts on your favorite mat. Fun noodle foams and step ups can help you bring novelty to your training. This is another great fitness regimen that could liven up your healthy lifestyle.
  1. Water Volleyball
You’ve got it. From an indoor court to beach and now, you’re beloved sport has just moved in to a pool. The rules are the same but the playing ground is on shallow water. If you love playing this game on land, you should try it out on water. It will call for more effort on your part especially for your lower limbs.
  1. Aquatic Therapy
Whether you are injured our just looking for some relaxing time at the pool, aquatic therapy will do you some good. As you submerge yourself into the water, you’ll already feel its healing and cooling characteristics engulfing your body. This is beneficial for correcting postures and relaxing muscle pains are swellings. Most patients are advised by their doctors to undergo such to ease pain and condition their bodies.

You can also check out more information about swimming techniques online and see how it helps in making you physically fit.

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