Monday, October 7, 2013

Make Tonight a Game Night!

Do you play board, card, video, or other games with your family? How about friends?
We love playing games here! Both with the children as a family as well as with friends once the children have gone to sleep.

Monopoly is one of my favorite games and I actually collect them! I currently have about 23 Monopoly games, ones as old as I am, a banded "Monopoly" as it is not licensed and new Monopoly games that were just released. My newest Monopoly is Monopoly Empire! I am definitely slacking on my "collection" of Monopoly games as there are over 2,400 licensed and unlicensed versions of Monopoly games! Check out a list of them here. Okay, enough about my Monopoly obsession.

In the Infographic above it states that there is a 64% chance of each player landing on a railroad. Oh boy, that is definitely true! I know not everyone has played Monopoly, so if you have not definitely buy any and all railroads that you are first to land on. Plus, for each railroad you have, your rent increases and you do not have to have a full set for this to take affect nor do you buy houses or hotels for railroads. I love playing Monopoly and we've put two boards together to make the games long. Crazy I know!

Who hasn't played Twister?! I remember playing this game quite often through out my childhood, even into my teen years. It's just too fun and definitely funny to watch no matter your age! I did not know that they created a Twister mat that was 40,000 square feet though, that's bigger then most houses!! 
I'm not sure if this is the Twister mentioned in the Infographic, but here they made a very large game of Twister that was 42 mats long and 24 mats long! I wonder if you ended up staying on the same mat or some were half way down the mat. There is also a video of that in the link above. 

I definitely love the fact that the sales of board games have doubled in the last 9 years. Quite exciting to me as a board game player. When we play games with friends, it's usually not your old fashioned games that most people know about. We play lots of horror fantasy, deck-building games and such.

What is your favorite game to play? Who do you like playing that game with? 
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, the Infographic was provided and all other information is my own. 

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