Thursday, October 24, 2013

Zulily Christmas Toy Wishlist!

I know all three of my children would LOVE a JOYBAY Swing-car!

I know for sure my children would love one of these! They love riding their bikes and they even creatively make different modes of transportation out of their plastic kids table and blankets! These awesomely fun little ride on cars are available in 9 fun color combinations and they are 50% OFF! Sale ends in 18 hours, so hurry on over to zulily now!

 Plan Toys!

Cade loves to play with, read books about and even watch shows about all different types of transportation! He has a few wooden train sets already and I know he'd be just as happy with another one. In fact, I know he would love all the toys from Plan Toys. The kitchen type toys would be great for all three of my children.

Anatex has the best developmental and learning toys I have ever come across! You know those tables and wooden squares at doctors offices with all of the beads and bright colors? That is what Anatex is! 
Our children's pediatrician's office is FULL of Anatex products! From tables to squares, to wall panels. Our boys never want to leave the waiting room and I have been looking for a "Discovery Square" for our boys for at home. Even my nearly 8 year old daughter loves to play with these. I know a Abacus would probably be Cade's favorite as it would be easier to take with us.
They can be quite expensive, but for the next 18 hours they are on sale for up to 50% OFF on zulily!!

Holiday Crafting Collection

Jedilynn and I love to craft together and the holidays is probably one of the best times because then she can give things that she handmade to all of our loved ones as presents. The items from the Holiday Craft Collection would be awesome! Jedilynn as well as the rest of us see handmade gifts show more love and have more though put into them. She is a very artsy and crafty girl and we love to help encourage her artistic abilities, whether we give her a blank canvas and random things to use on it or we give her a complete kit and let her design it. These products on zulily are all very nicely priced and the sale runs for another 2 days and 18 hours!

Teacher Created Materials Library
Jedilynn, Cade and even Ezio, the baby all love to read and look through books. Their favorite of course is bedtime stories when mommy reads to them... well, I think Cade may enjoy Jedilynn reading to him more then me reading to him. Cade is only 3 years old, but HE makes you follow along the words while your reading. If he didn't catch a word or if you went to fast he will go back to the word that he missed and ask you what it is. I'm seriously waiting for him to start reading to us soon or read books correctly on his own soon! These book collections from Teacher Created Materials Library are currently up to 60% OFF at zulily, but don't wait as this awesome sale ends in just 18 hours! 

So what would or have your children put on their Christmas wishlists this year? 

If you are not already a member of zulily, don't fret, you can JOIN HERE for FREE! 

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