Saturday, June 14, 2014

Great Kids Snacks - Day 3! Jedilynn chose Bitsy's Brainfood Organic Chocolate Beet Smart Cookies (Review)

Disclosure: We received a Great Kids Snacks box in exchange for our honest review of it's contents, all opinions and experiences are 100% our own and may differ from those of your own. 

Day 3 - Jada's Pick! Bitsy's Brainfood - Organic Chocolate Beets Smart Cookies!

Jedilynn picked out the Bitsy's Brainfood - Organic Chocolate Beets Smart Cookies! I'm almost certain that she didn't fully understand/realize what they were or what was in them! There is NO way my daughter would eat anything with beets in it, let alone in the name! OR SO I THOUGHT ANYWAYS! 

These Smart cookies are alphabet shaped and baked with REAL fruits & veggies! They are an excellent source of Omega-3 DHA + EPA as well as Vitamins A, B12, B6, D3 and Folic Acid. Bitsy's Brainfood Smart Cookies are also a great source of Calcium and Iron and have 8 grams of Whole Grains per serving. Not to mention they are non-GMO, kosher and made in a nut-free facility! This box of cookies also comes with collectible superfood stickers! 

They are made in a nut-free facility, but Ezio still can't have them due to his egg allergy. I did allow for him to try two of the cookies though and he loved them, no allergic reaction thankfully, but I didn't want to push our good graces with these cookies. 

Jedilynn absolutely loved these Organic Chocolate Beet Smart Cookies! I did NOT mention to her that they have beets in them nor did I explain/show her what beets are. She is not a healthy eater usually and is fairly picky... but she's an eight year old girl... that's pretty typical from what I hear and see. She loved that she was able to spell out Ezio's name with her cookies, but the silly girl didn't think to let me know so I could take a picture. Sometimes, kids (and heck even me as an adult) just need to be able to play with their food a little bit. As long as it is still edible and hasn't caused a huge mess... who cares!?

Jedilynn loved her cookies and in fact asked if we could buy MORE of them! I told her we would definitely take a look around at a couple natural food stores in our area and see if we could find them. According to Bitsy's Brainfood website they should be available at one of our local Whole Foods. 

With Jedilynn in public school, where lunch really is not all that great, tasting, health wise, etc, etc having healthy snacks at home is just that much more important to me. Cade and Ezio are home with me all day/everyday so I'm able to better monitor what they are eating. I was very pleased that Jedilynn loved the Smart cookies and even wants more! 

A third snack from the Great Kids Snack box that has won points from myself (mom), Jedilynn (8 years old) and Ezio (2 years old). While I did not taste them, I can simply give them a point off of two of my children loving them. So this makes a total of 5 points out of 30 in just 3 days of trying just 3 snacks! This is going great so far! 

Again, don't forget to check back tomorrow and see what one of the kids chose to try next! 

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What are your thoughts about the Bitsy's Brainfood - Organic Chocolate Beets Smart Cookies? Do you think your experience will be like mine (doubting your child will like them and then turns out they love them)? You might just be as surprised as I am!!


  1. My kids love just about any cookie they get their hands on, so I'm sure these would be a hit at our house

  2. We don't eat eggs either, but I love that they have beets in them. How awesome is that. I am so happy they are working for you!

  3. That's great that they snuck the beets in there without messing up a cookie flavor!

  4. HAHA - how cool that they snuck beets in there. My kids are big on cookies, so I would totally try these.

  5. ohh those sound like something my kids (and me!) would love!

  6. I never knew there was beets cookies. I have them in my juice so I bet these cookies are good!

  7. I may try these! We love organic, and I've been reading about how healthy EPA and DHA are for you. Thanks for the recommendation! (By the way, this is only letting me post from my Google account for some reason, but it's Meredith @ Mommy A to Z :) )

  8. Oooh! This looks interesting. I'm always on the lookout for something healthy that my son would enjoy. I'll def need to try this!

  9. My kids love these! I was surprised that the did! But then again they love veggies and fruit!

  10. We love organic food. I bet my kids would love the cookies for a treat. :)