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Bee Blessed Children's Apparel - Shipwrecked Mickey Hybrid Fitted Diaper Review

Disclosure: I purchased this diaper and wanted to share our honest opinion and experiences with the diaper. All opinions and experiences are 100% our own. 

About Bee Blessed Children's Apparel
Bee Blessed Children's Apparel is owned and operated by Tami who is a stay at home mom of three. Bee Blessed Children's Apparel is based in California. She found a love for cloth diapers in May of 2013 and started to sew her own in June of 2013. Tami started selling her beautiful creations this year, 2014. All of her clothing and diapers are 100% compliant and meet CPSC safety requirements. 

Shipwrecked Mickey Hybrid Fitted Diaper!

I purchased this Shipwrecked Mickey Hybrid Fitted Diaper from Bee Blessed for $25 (plus shipping), you can also order hybrid fitteds with a hidden layer of windpro (makes it a bit more water resistant) for $28 (plus shipping). 

Body/Shell Contents
This hybrid fitted is made of a knit outer with hidden blizzard fleece and cotton velour inner. These layers are "turned and top stitched" - T&T, this leaves a much softer and smoother finished edge on the diaper that will be along baby's body. For my son this is the only style I will use on him, serged diapers seem to really irritate his skin, mostly on his inner thighs... it's just not as soft. It also has FDR - fold down rise, instead of a SDR - snapping the rise down you just fold the belly down cross your wings over and snap them in place. I love the FDR and honestly, I can get such a better fit with a FDR then I can with a SDR! On some of our pocket diapers, Ezio needs the SDR snapped down, but in order to get it on him I have to pull up on it and the SDR usually comes unsnapped. FDR is so much easier and like I mentioned, such a better fit! The vast majority of fitteds have an FDR. 

Such soft and beautiful lime green cotton velour inner! I am a huge sucker for green!! The soaker for this diaper is made with 4 layers of SHOBF - super heavy organic bamboo fleece and topped with the soft cotton velour. SHOBF is soft as it is, but the coordinating cotton velour makes it that much better. SHOBF is really the best and most absorbent (while being chemical free and safe against baby's sensitive skin) material to be used as soakers/inserts in diapers of all kinds! I typically do not purchase or even like to review diapers in which are not constructed with a soaker containing at least HOBF - heavy organic bamboo fleece. 

Ezio seems to be becoming more of a heavy wetter as it's getting warmer out and he's drinking more fluids, however, this diaper did not disappoint! He can nap in this diaper, without a cover and wakes up not soaked. Personally I never put a cover over our hybrid fitteds unless it's bedtime, then I do as added protection. Ezio goes for several hours through out the day in this diaper with just the four layers of SHOBF in the soaker and nothing additional needing to be added. When he wears a pocket diaper with a crummy microfiber insert however... it's usually only about an hour and then he's soaked through even though pocket diapers are waterproof.

Ezio is 2.5 years old and about 32lbs, while he's not quite 3ft tall yet, he's fairly tall and slightly chubby. He definitely has some thunder thighs (not the biggest, but they aren't slim thighs). We definitely get a great fit with this diaper, nice and snug, but not too tight around the waist and the legs to keep in any nasty poop-plosions while also being comfortable for him to wear. He no longer needs the cross over snaps on his diapers, but the wings do still touch... unless he's being a sas when I'm changing his diaper and he's pushing his tummy out. I do frequently use the FDR on this diaper for a better fit. **I will upload a photo of this amazing diaper on the bum - OTB soon!!

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  1. Those diapers are so cute. When my boys were babies I just did disposables,which are not cute at all!

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  5. I use cloth diapers as well and I love washing them by hand with a soft detergent. I don't have any with Mickey though.

  6. Ahhhhh - I could just squeal over that Shipwrecked Mickey design - that is too cute...with his lil' patch and all.

  7. I always wondered about cloth diapers if they give good protection and prevent leaks. These diapers looks cute and durable.

  8. I love the pirate mickey! Way to cute! I am so glad we are out of the diaper stage though!

  9. I LOVE the mickey fabric. That is too cute! I also like the bright green and the style. :)

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