Monday, February 24, 2014

Build A Cake Bake Shop - Easy Bake Oven Mixes Review

Yolie began creating homemade Easy Bake Oven baking mixes over four years ago. She began by selling them for local children because the prepackaged mixes are quite expensive. Yolie makes all of her mixes in her own kitchen at home and they are made to order with fresh ingredients and no preservative. With these wonderful mixes parents can save money, enjoy more delicious treats that their own children bake for them and they are healthier for us and our children. When nearing upcoming holiday's you can find themed packages for those holidays, such as out Valentine's Day package!

Valentine's Day Easy Bake Oven Homemade Cake Mixes!

We received this cute package of 10 homemade Easy Bake Oven mixes ($18.50AR)! In this package there were 2 Valentine's Day themed pencils, a sucker, a couple foam heats, a gift bag for giving the delicious treats that were baked to a loved one of friend in, a Valentine's Day Card and last but definitely not least, 5 frosting mixes with little candy toppings and 5 cake or cupcake baking mixes. The baking mixes yield 12 cupcakes or 2 cakes. All of the mixes are packaged in their own little sealed zipper closed bags that are labeled and have the mixing and baking directions right on the back of the labels! No large instruction sheets to try and wrestle with and all of the little baggies reseal, unlike those bought from the store. 

The first cakes Jedilynn made were the Chocolate Delight Cakes, which are super simple! Just add the amount of water that is stated on the back of the little label card and stir! Jedilynn is 8 years old and was able to read the instructions and measure out her water independently. 

She stirred the mix on her own and just wanted a little help getting some out of the cracks before putting her mix in the pan. Once the mix is stirred it will form a soft dough like consistency. You butter up your little pan lightly, Jedilynn asked me to do this for the first pan so I showed her a little trick. I put a little butter on my finger and rubbed it through out the pan and along the sides, super easy and a great way to make sure you haven't used too much butter as you only want/need a light layer. 

Looks delicious! This was half of the cake mix, the package makes 2 cakes or 12 cupcakes. Jedilynn really wanted to make cupcakes, but unfortunately we do not have a cupcake pan for her Easy Bake Oven just yet. To make spreading the mixture into the pan a little easier I showed Jedilynn another trick. We were using a plastic spoon so I lightly coated the spoon in butter (use can also use oil), this made it so much easier to spread the mixture along the pan as it did not stick to the spoon. While showing her this trick I also discovered that my odd daughter apparently likes just plain butter as she decided to scoop up butter with her finger and lick it off. So weird!


Ta-Dah! Delicious Chocolate Delight Cake is complete! Smells awesome and we can't wait to taste it!! We took it out of the Easy Bake Oven and let it cool in the pan for a few minutes, once the pan was cool enough for me to firmly grasp with a bare hand I allowed her to frost her cake. 

To make the frosting you just add butter and water to the powder and stir, she did so while waiting for her cake to bake. When she went to start frosting her cake she wanted to smear butter on the spoon, she was catching onto mommy's trick, but the frosting didn't need any help coming off of the spoon. After she frosted her cake, I carefully slid a butter knife under the cake and very carefully slipped it out of the pan so she could bake her next cake. I think I did a pretty good job of this if you see the photo above. Jedilynn used the vanilla frosting with the little hard candy hearts and she did decorate her cakes with them, but my camera had died. I use it way too much and don't charge the battery often enough. 

She gave one of her cakes to her uncle and the other one to daddy. I tried a small piece of daddy's cake and it is delicious! Tastes like a "normal" sized chocolate cake would! Daddy loves chocolate cake, so this was perfect for him! Uncle was here waiting for Dan to give him a ride to work so it was a nice little surprise for him just before having to go to work after a long in high school. She has some great men in her life who definitely praise her for her great work in baking delicious treats for them. 

Jedilynn loves her baking mixes from Build A Cake Bake Shop and I love the absolutely amazing amount and price you get it all for! 


Jedilynn received a few of these packages from family and friend for her birthday which were picked up before I was able to mention that I found the awesome Etsy shop - Build A Cake Bake Shop. These packages are roughly $7-8 depending on where you get them from and sometimes they may be on sale. This package is Chocolate Truffles (which you can make with Build A Cake Bake Shop mixes!), it contains a large instruction sheet which can be overwhelming and confusing for children and even adults, 2 devils food cake mixes, 2 chocolate frosting mixes and two multicolored sprinkles packs. Eight dollars for only two mixes.

Build A Cake Bake Shop's 10 mix package that we received came with everything in the first photo below the introduction at the top of this post. Which is 5 cake mixes, 5 frosting and topping mixes as well as a bunch of neat little stuff for Valentine's Day. This package that we received retails for $18.50, making each thing you make (cake, frosting and toppings) only $3.70!! 

So would you rather $8 - Easy Bake Oven Mixes 
$3.70 - Build A Cake Bake Shop delicious Mixes?!

Personally, I'm stoked to order some more mixes from Build A Cake Bake Shop! I have told family about it and they have said they will be buying from Build A Cake Bake Shop in the future as well! In all honesty, I personally prefer the taste of the mixes we received from Build A Cake Bake Shop over the store bought Easy Bake Oven mixes. 

Visit Build A Cake Bake Shop on Etsy and check out all of her delicious mixes! You can customize your order with which flavors yourself or your child would prefer. If you don't want to start with a set of 10 mixes there are smaller packages available.

Disclosure: We received the above products in exchange for our honest review, all opinions and experiences are 100% our own and may differ from those of your own. This review was in no way sponsored or endorsed by Easy Bake Oven, my daughter received that product as a birthday gift.


  1. Everything looks delicious and looks like it would be fun for the kids! I will have to look into them! :)

  2. what a smart lady! I know how expensive buying refills all the time can be. I bet there are lots more choices and flavours to pick from also. Thanks for sharing

  3. You daughter is quite the cook :) The product seems to be a very good one. And especially a very delicious one :)

  4. What a great way to get your daughter interested in baking, learn in your kitchen instead of her kitchen where she may or may not have a successful experience & provide dessert for the family, Good job, mom.

  5. That is an awesome idea. Can't wait until my daughter is old even to have one. I will be making the mixes too.

    Michelle F.

  6. My daughter wants an Easy Bake Oven so bad! I think we might get her one for her birthday :)