Tuesday, February 25, 2014

B&G Foods - Mrs. Dash, Ortega & Grandma's Molasses Review!

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B&G Foods, Inc. is a subsidiaries manufacture that sells and distributes a diversified range of high-quality branded shelf-stable foods across the whole United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. B&G Foods' is based in Parsippany, New Jersey and they market their products under many recognizable brands. These brands include: Ac’cent, B&G, B&M, Baker’s Joy, Brer Rabbit, Cream of Rice, Cream of Wheat, Devonsheer, Don Pepino, Emeril’s, Grandma’s Molasses, JJ Flats, Joan of Arc, Las Palmas, Maple Grove Farms, Molly McButter, Mrs. Dash, New York Style, Old London, Original Tings, Ortega, Pirate’s Booty, Polaner, Red Devil, Regina, Rickland Orchards, Sa-són, Sclafani, Smart Puffs, Sugar Twin, Trappey’s, TrueNorth, Underwood, Vermont Maid and Wright’s. B&G Foods also sells and distributes two branded household products, Static Guard and Kleen Guard.

We received an amazing package of products from B&G Foods' including Mrs. Dash's marinades and seasonings, Ortega Whole Grain Taco shells, a jar of salsa and guacamole as well as Grandma's Molasses. As some of you probably know Jedilynn and I love to bake so the Grandma's Molasses is awesome! After receiving the jar of molasses I did some recipe searching and discovered that it can be used in so many more things then I had previously known!!

Grandma's Molasses

Molasses dates back to 1493 when Columbus introduced it to the West Indies. Grandma's Molasses is America's #1 brand of molasses. It is made with the highest grade, pure sugarcane molasses which is unsulfured and 100% natural. It does not contain preservatives, artificial flavor or artificial color. Grandma's Molasses is the secret ingredient to baking... wait I guess it's not so secret if your reading this.Grandma's Molasses is KosherOU2 and gluten free and a nutritious alternative to refined sugar. 

Grandma's Molasses can be used for a variety of things including cookies, pies, cakes, glazes and my favorite gingerbread! It is also often used in slow-cooked dishes such as BBQ sauce baked beans.

There are tons of delicious recipes on Grandma's Molasses website.These recipes include not only a variety of baked goods, but also some meal dishes as well.


Ortega was started back in the 1800's by Maria Conception Jacinta Dominquez Ortega also known as Mama Ortega. She had 13 children, her and her family lived in a small three room adobe, she created their home around a tiny kitchen. She had only a small charcoal-burning stove where she whipped up memorable meals for her family, which they loved. Everything she used in each meal was homegrown, handpicked and handmade, from the juicy red tomatoes for her sauces to the corn she patted into tortillas and everything else in between Mama prepared for her family was fresh. In Mama's kitchen a little more then just her natural and fresh meals were prepare, this is where her 11th child, Emilio, established the Ortega Chile Packing Company. Creating the first commercial food operation in the state of California.

We were pleased to receive this package of Ortega products as tacos are a huge hit in our home. I wish I had the resources that Mama Ortega had so I could create our taco diners completely from scratch. We love tacos and have them probably at least once every other week, if not more often! We love to explore through the taco seasoning section and try out different brands and flavors. Tacos are quick, easy, delicious and who doesn't love a good taco?

We actually took the salsa and guacamole to a party we had attended and everyone loved both. I'm not a fan of either so unfortunately I can't give you a taste testers word on either. I can and will honestly say that the taco shells were perfect! Dan only eats "soft" tacos, but the boys loved having these whole grain tacos with me. I even like to crunch up a hard shell taco and make nachos with it. Simply delicious!

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Mrs. Dash

Mrs. Dash products are the salt free alternatives for spicing up your favorite meals. Mrs. Dash offers blends, seasoning packets and marinades which contain a multitude of spices. They listened to the request of their consumers and products these delicious all natural and salt free seasonings and marinades. You can enjoy Mrs. Dash products which each meal for everyday of the week as there are no two spice blends, marinades or seasoning packets that are alike.

Prior to receiving this package from B&G Foods' we had not tried Mrs. Dash products. Also, these were the first marinades I have ever used! I was kind of nervous, but so pleased with them! The first marinade we used was the Garlic Herb, I knew we would like this one. I marinated some pork chops for a little while before cooking them and then I grilled them in my grill pan and made a side of garlic butter and broccoli noodles. They were absolutely delicious!!

Soon after we discovered that the Garlic Herb Marinade was so delicious I made some more pork chops with the Lemon Pepper Marinade! This time instead of grilling them up, all I had to do was put the pork chops and the marinade into my pressure cooker. Let them cook for 15 minutes and ta-dah! Done! 

So tender and juicy! You didn't even need a butter knife for these as they just "fell apart".

As you can see in this photo where I tried to pick the pork chops up off the one plate onto my plate and from being so tender they just kept falling apart. Anyhow, I made cheddar and broccoli corkscrew noodles with these. Again, absolutely delicious dinner! 

I've used the seasonings on some foods I've cooked just randomly. Whatever sounded good on what I was making. We haven't been disappointed just yet! Before receiving these all I really had in the kitchen for seasonings were seasoning salt, sazon and adobo. While I do really like all three of those, it is nice to switch it up every now and then and get some new tastes/flavors into our meals.

We have been so pleased with all of the products we received from B&G Foods and continue to purchase them from our local grocery store! I have to say Mrs. Dash Marinades are definitely a new dinner "addiction" of mine. They make delicious yet simple dinners. 

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Disclosure: I received the above products in exchange for my honest review, all opinions and experiences are 100% my own and may vary from those of your own.


  1. I didn't know Ms. Dash made marinades. I will have to check them out.

    Michelle F.

  2. Great ideas for products I see all the time!

  3. I didn't know the company was affiliated with so many different brands of food products. I also didn't know Grandma's Molasses was a gluten free product - cool.

  4. I need to try Grandma's Molasses the next time I make my Grandma's Molasses Crinkle Cookies :) I also need to try out Mrs. Dash's Sweet Teriyaki marinade, so far Lawry's has always been my favorite... but I need to be flexible and give other brands a chance. And, as far as Oretga goes... I'm already a fan!

  5. I need to try the Grandma's Molasses too and I love Mrs. Dash marinades!

  6. I love read about the history of long standing company. Great post and good food too!

  7. Can you believe I've never used molasses?! Or eaten it either to my knowledge! But oh my gosh... the rest of that food looks so good! I'm hungry! haha!

  8. Yummy! I ran out of Teriyaki marinade and am excited to try Mrs. Dash's version! thank you for sharing!